Monday, October 21, 2013

Ditched at conference

Okay, first things first. I am really kind of sad because we might have to stop teaching Janeth and Sergio. It is like the biggest heartbreak of my life, but they honestly aren´t doing anything more to progress more than they did like three months ago. They told us that they are going to keep going to church, but that they just have a lot going on in their lives right now and need some things to fix themselves before they get married. We talked to our leaders about it and they said we should probably let them go for a little bit. It is seriously the hardest thing EVER because we know that they are super awesome and that they have stranger testimonies than a lot of the members... Anyway, enough about that.

This week our zone had interviews with the mission president at his house again! I always like going to the President´s house because it´s kind of like being in the US! Me and a few elders sang a musical number there, which I just loved because I got to sing alto and I havn´t been able to do that for a while! Mostly because the melody always needs a little help...

We had stake conference this week, so we had the option to bring people to church Saturday night because of the adult session. Anyways, we were contacting a street about a half hour before the Saturday night session, and happened upon an eighteen year old girl named Elizabet walking along, so we started to talk to her, and she accepted to go to the church with us! At the church we taught her a small lesson and she said she wanted to get baptised in our church because she´s never felt so much peace in her life, and then she stayed for some of the adult session! I was seriously amazed. It was a true miracle.

Sunday was a little bit different. We went with our investigator Irene to the conference who we have been teaching for a while and went to church with us once before and told us that she would really like to follow our religion. Anyways, so it gets to "halftime" where every one stands up and sings and Irene asks, "Hey, where´s the bathroom?" so I tell her and she leaves to room.... and never returns. That is not even a joke. She left and then texts us, "Hey sorry but I need to go home now!" Okay, what the heck? I seriously don´t understand what the heck is going on with her. Way to be all sneaky! Maybe she was bored..?

A little bit after our investigator sneaked out of the conference, someone passed out, so of course a big group of people had to carry the body out into the hall, and the speaker pretended like nothing happened and kept talking. Then to top it all off, the closing song the choir sang was a Christmas song. Never mind that it´s not even after Halloween yet! What a conference!

Anyways, that´s about it for right now! Love you guys! Merry Christmas! (or Halloween whichever one you want to celebrate this month)

Loveth, Hermana Merrisa Woodbury

p.s. sandia means watermelon

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