Monday, August 11, 2014

My last letter---I think!

Highlight of the week: we had a Conference and they made the announcement that there is a new rule in the mission that if your native tongue is Spanish or Portuguese, you have to pray in English during all companionship prayers and zone gatherings. Since I live with all Latinas, I get to help them learn how to pray in English! I love listening to them speak English- I now understand why everyone always made me say the prayers when I was new in the mission. They are all suddenly motivated to learn English and always ask me how to say things! The main problem is that sometimes i really don´t remember how to say things and I have to look it up... We might have to communicate via charades when I get home...
Well... I´m not really sure whether or not I am going to write next week because I will be traveling to Concepcion and having my interview with President and stuff like that on Monday, but I´m sure you won´t mind right?

I just want to express to you all that I know that God has a plan for each and every one of us. Part of his plan for me was to come to Chile Concepcion to serve a mission. I am very grateful for his love. I know that He loves every one of you and all of these great people here in Chile. I have felt how the Holy Ghost can really work through me, to be able to share that love with the people I have taught, so that they can know that Jesus Christ really died for them personally. I know that no matter what our situation is, we can depend on Him. He has passed through the same. All because of his love. I love Him, and I love being a missionary to be able to teach about Him. I happy to know that after the mission I will be able to continue helping people draw closer to Him. 

I love you all! Guess I´ll see you all soon! Maybe you´ll hear from me next week, but then again, maybe not!
Con Amor,  Hermana Woodbury

Monday, August 4, 2014


Well, I have officially decided that there is just no good way to prepare to leave the mission which is why I usually just pretend like I´m not and keep working. I´m not quite sure if my denial is good or bad but it is what it is. So.... This is what´s been happening!
This week has been RAINY. One night me and my companion were walking along the sidewalk under the pouring rain. We needed to cross the street, but that would pretty much mean crossing a river! So we kept walking. Only to find our path blocked up ahead by another river. We were seriously surrounded on all sides by A LOT of water. We desperately needed to cross and get to our appointment we were already late to. So, me being my intelligent self, saw a clump of sturdy looking dirt/mud that would help us cross with out submerging our feet into the cold water. i stepped on it and to my surprise I sunk into the mud past my ankles! I couldn´t help it i just burst out laughing. I´m pretty sure my companion was more in a panic about it than I was! I ended up with mud ALL OVER my boots, inside and out, and my socks that were once white are now brown.

During another rainy day we were walking along and a girl was walking past us so I said something like "Hey! can we introduce ourselves real quick?" and apparently there was a guy behind me and we hear him say (mockingly) "We´re petrolium robbers! We were wondering if you have some petrolium we can take from you!" HA! What in the world! That´s one I haven´t heard before. We got a good laugh out of it. Then a few hours later we were walking along and start to talk to a guy and he goes, "No! I don´t talk to assassins! You say you represent Jesus Christ, but I can see by the way you´re dressed that you´re assassins!" And then walked away. Same guy. I thought that long tan trench coats were in style these days but I guess maybe not...

So there is this member that is recently returning to church that lives way out in the middle of no mans land that we visited this week. We were pretty excited. We had it all set up so that a member with a car could take us, participate in the lesson and then take us back. The only problem is that the member canceled on us last minute. Well, we couldn´t bail out so we took a bus out to the campo. The only problem is that when we got done, we realized that we had no idea when another bus would pass to take us back to Cauquenes. So we started to walk. And walk. For an hour. When FINALLY we see a bus!!!! WOOO!!! So we waved our arms in the air.... and the bus flew right past us. Oh man, here we were in the middle of the highway. We had been walking for an hour and the only bus we saw went past us. Well, looks like we´ll just keep walking for a few more hours! A bus finally passed, but we got back real late and were late to our appointments and even had to skip out on one. AH!

Well, out of time! Hope all is well! Love you!

Love , Hermana Goody (one of the hermanas I live with calls me that)

Cat in the house

Well! Good news! Debora and Marcelo got baptized! It was super awesome! Their faces were seriously just radiant that whole day, and even more so on Sunday after their confirmation! Debora even paid tithing for her first time on Sunday! They also are making plans to get married! WOO HOO!!!! :D
There wasn´t a pitcher to be found in the church.... But there were some vases! So I mean, the only reasonable thing to do was made juice in the vase!

Remember Guillermo and Vicky? Yeah so they can supposedly only get together with us on Saturdays because of work and stuff so we don't get to have a lot of contact with them. But they came to the baptism on Saturday and the LOVED it! You could tell that they were really feeling the spirit. Then on Sunday apparently Vicky was sick , but Guillermo STILL went to church will his daughter! WOO!!! Good guy.
So one time this week, we walked in to our house and my companion SCREAMED way loud. So I look inside, just in time to see a CAT run away from us. WHAT THE! How on earth did a cat get inside our house??! Anyways, turns out we left the back door open. Oops. I guess we better keep that closed because my companion almost gave me a heart attack with that one! 

Well, that´s all for today! Hope everything is wonderful! Love you!

Love, Hermana Woodbury

Monday, July 21, 2014


Well Here I am in Cauquenes! WOO! This place is awesome! We have seriously seen miracle after miracle. Me and my comp get along really well. She is from Colombia. I am again the only person who speaks English in the house! Woo! Party!

So there is a couple that we are working with named Debora and Marcelo and they are super awesome! They are supposed to be getting baptized this Saturday if all goes well. They are boyfriend/girlfriend, but DON¨T WORRY they don´t live in the same house! fewf. Apparently Debora was SUPER evangelica but now you really wouldn´t even be able to tell. They are super awesome. 

This wek we were determined to talk to everyone we saw, so we cantacted this one guy and set up an appointment with him or Saturday. A lot of the time when that happens the person isn´t home, or changes their mind about receiving us in their house, but this time he let us in. Him, his wife (Yes they´re married already!) and daughter. We taught them and invited them to church, and sure enough THEY CAME!!!! YEAH!! Guillermo and Vicky. They are so awesome and One of the members is friends with Guillermo and apparently always invites him to stuff. He was REAL happy to see Guillermo there. 

Hey! These are the hermanas that I live with!


We had a "Chirstmas in July" party with the zone and did a white elephant. 

Breakfast! Mmm! 

Love you!


Love, Hermana Woodbury

p.s. Looks like the mission created a blog! Here you go!


Monday, July 14, 2014

My Last transfer

"Hermana Woodbury se va a Cauquenes, y su compañera va a ser Hna Vieda!!!" Yep that´s right! That´s what they told me this morning! I am off to Cauquenes for the end of my mission! Woo hoo! I am super excited! My whole mission I have wanted to serve in an area with lots of "campo" (out in the country in the middle of nowhere) and it is finally happening!!! I am not quite sure where my companion is from but I´ll keep you posted on that one!
Alright, I bet you are all on the edge of your seats just waiting to know what is happening with Carlos and Berta right now so I´ll tell you. We got a call from Carlos saying that he is going to be out of town for two weeks working, but that he brought his Book of Mormon with him (good boy!). Then he said, "Hermanas I´m really not doing so good. I just found out that my good friend got murdered. I don´t think I will even be able to go back for the funeral because of work." Whoa. Not anything we were expecting to hear! Basically we have been calling him and Berta almost every night to see how they are and give them scriptures to read. We were also able to visit Bertha, but they were both out of town on the weekend, but hopefully this next week they will be back for church. They are so good! They are so prepared! Keep praying!

Okay so there is this cute old lady named Maria that is super catholic that we are teaching that was a reference from one of the members. On Saturday we were teaching her and she had made the decision to go to church to help her find an answer if she should be baptized. So in her prayer at the end she said something along these lines, "Father, I am going to the mormon church tomorrow to know if that´s the right church because I´m practically already mormon." YEAH!!! It is a good thing we all had our eyes closed because I´m pretty sure my jaw probably dropped wide open! If anyone was peaking they would have gotten a real kick out of that! 

I just love seeing all the little miracles God puts in our path all the time! It´s so great! Love you guys!

Loveth, Hermana Woodbury

p.s. lagartija means lizard

Monday, July 7, 2014



Hey guess what! We have super neat investigators! I don´t even know where to start. So basically, this past month has been real rough with investigators, but we just decided to the one thing that was really in our control, talk to EVERYONE. A couple weeks ago we saw a couple of rebellious looking college age people, and talked to them. We were surprised to find out that one of them (Maria Jose with many piercings and tattoos) was actually very believing and VERY interested. So, she invited us to share with her AND her friends at her friends house! SWEET!
Well, turned out that all of her friend were receptive too, and we just go over there all the time to teach who ever is there! This week, we found out that the people who actually live there are Carlos and Berta, a young 21 year old couple who have been living together for three years. On Tuesday we passed by and Carlos as the only one home. Well, we had a member so we said "permiso!" and went right in and taught him! We taught him about the Book of Mormon, answered all of his questions and doubts, and invited him to read and pray. Well, when we went back on Saturday we taught both Carlos and Bertha and it just so happens that Carlos shared with Berta EVERYTHING we had shared with him the visit before, they had read together, and prayed!

They described to us that every time they talk to us or read the things we give them or pray, they just have this really good peaceful feeling. YEAH!! We were able to help them see that they can have that ALWAYS in their life by living the gospel. They wanted to go to church, but they were kind of scared because they live together and aren´t married and they were afraid that people would judge them for being there. We told them that they can´t be living together unmarried to be baptized, BUT they can go to church! SO THEY WENT!!!! WOO!!!!!!!!! They told us they LOVED it! We were super happy because all the members made them feel super welcome too.

PRAY FOR THEM!!!!!! They seriously are so great, but we are going to need a lot of help and guidance to help them take the decision to either get married or separate so they can get baptized. THEY CAN DO IT!!!!

Love you guys!

Hermana Woodbury

Monday, June 30, 2014


Well! Not that I´m happy that Chile got kicked out of the world cup but... Hey I can have a normal work schedule again! Woo :D Every one was real sad after that game... Chuta.

This week was seriously insane! We did three mini cambios, had stake conference, had to stay in for the world cup, and leaders counsel (today). I have learned that there is never a normal week in the mission. But hey! That´s okay, I do always like to mix things up so no complaints here! We also found some great people this week that I really hope will progress! WOO!

Well, now that I´ve summed up my week, let me tell you a random fact about Chile! They use brooms for EVERYTHING! Mops don´t really exist here, they just tie a cloth to their broom and use it as a mop! Racks also don´t really exsist, the just sweep their leaves out of their grass! The other day I even saw a guy washing his car using a full on broom as the "sponge." Very impressive. Not only can you sweep up floors and cob webs with a broom, but you can do MANY other things! Just think, all of the equipment we buy when really all we need is a broom.

I really love that because in a way it kind of symbolizes how complicated we make our lives with all of the "things" we think we need. As the world keeps getting more and more complicated, the Gospel stays the same. Our Heavenly Father loves us and that will never change. :) I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!

Well, Hope all is well! Love you!

Con amor, Hermana Woodbury

Hermana Phelps message to her family

Hey this is super neat! Hna Phelps emailed this to her family, and sent it to me. Just thought you would want to read it! It probably doesn´t need to go on the blog or anything...

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Another contact success story. December: Back in the day of Chillancito with Hna Woodbury. She was a pro at contacting. I hate contacting young people around my age. One day she contacted a college student and he was golden. His name, Hector. He came to church that next Sunday and even stayed for ward choir! He got baptized right after we left Chillancito. Well Hector just happens to be from Parral. 2 Sundays ago a couple stragglers walked into the chapel right after the sacrament, I looked back and it was none other than Hector. He saw me and did a silent scream and wave. His parents (who once told him that they would rather him be gay than Mormon) are now taking the discussions. His brother came to church this last Sunday with him. We asked him if he was going to get baptized and he said- yea, and I want Hector to baptize me. Hector also blessed the sacrament for the first time this past Sunday and is preparing to go to the temple for baptisms in July. AND ....preparing for a mission !!!! all came from one little act of faith and opening the mouth from my hero, Hna. Woodbury.

Monday, June 23, 2014

World Cup


I actually have to start this email with a shout out to Callie- Thanks. Thanks for trapping me on the ground when I was little and spitting loogies on my face. I never thought I would thank you for that but I had an experience this week where that story really came in handy. It is the following:

There is a recent convert here in the ward who is really super great! The same one we built a house for! Any ways, life has really hit her hard. She has lived though a lot of trials her whole life. She has two sons that are like the ages of nine and thirteen and they are super great kids! But like any other siblings they fight A LOT. Every time we go over there the mom is just getting WAY mad at them for all the dumb little things they do, and never really notices the good about them. So, me and my companion made it our assignment to help her see that her kids are really actually great kids. So one day the opportunity presented itself and we were able to help her see all the good that her kids really do to help her. Right as we are doing that- we hear them start fighting with each other and she gets this angry/annoyed look on her face. I don´t know how this popped into my head- pure inspiration but I was like, "hey! That´s nothin! Wanna know what my sister did to me? She would pin me down on the ground and make loogies hang down above my face and suck them back up! I would scream and scream! And one time it actually landed on my face! Hermana, your kids really aren´t so bad!" She had the most shocked, appalled look on her face! It was hilarious! And then she was like, "Yeah... Maybe you´re right. I have pretty good kids." 

Well the world cup sure does shake up the work here! Every time Chile plays we have to go inside because no one will let us in anyway. The last game was on Wednesday from three to five and then after five we went out to work. It was pretty crazy because they had just won Spain and everyone was going crazy, honking their horn driving down the street and celebrating. Today there is one at twelve and we have to be out of the city before the game starts which is why we came so early to write- there aren´t many good Internet places in our area so we have to come to the city to write. We are going to have a zone activity at twelve during the game and make tacos and maybe play frisbee or soccer if it´s not raining. Woo hoo!

All of our investigators pretty much dumped us this week. One of them we called her to see when we could visit and she was like, "Um... I will just call you when I have time..." hmmm. Another sent us a text message saying that she doesn´t want us to come by anymore, and the rest were just flat out hiding and avoiding us! Well, back to square one!

Well, Hope everything is going great! Love you guys!

Love, Hermana Wordbury

Monday, June 16, 2014

Best Resturant ever!

Hey there! Well this week sure has been interesting! Since me and Hermana Call have the same amount of time in the mission we are both SUPER motivated to work way hard and just do our very best. It is super great we have been finding some pretty awesome people that we hope will progress. It has been a lot of fun because we both get along really well so even though the work is some times hard we have a lot of fun together. YEAH!
We had interviews with President Arrington this Friday and he pretty much told me to work the hardest I´ve ever worked. YEAH! YOU BETTER BELIEVE I WILL!!! We also received the special invitation to eat lunch with the Arringtons and the assistants after the interviews- Just me and my companion. We went to like the most American restaurant I have ever seen in Chile. It was super fancy! I felt like I need to stick my pinky up while I drank my water or something to try and be proper!  Anyways, I thought that was pretty neat. :)

Also on Friday, Chile played in the World Cup and they were afraid it could be dangerous for us to be out on the streets during and after that so we had to go inside SUPER early and didn´t get much working done. 

Well, can´t think of anything else out of the ordinary! So I guess that´s just about it! Love you guys! Read your scriptures!

Love, Hermana Woodbruy

Monday, June 9, 2014

It's raining again!

YEAH!!!! I HAVE A COMPANION!!!! I never realized what a blessing that
really is until I went a week and a half without one! It´s a lot
easier to work in my sector now that I don´t have to make members be
my companion. Although it was pretty fun having a different companion
every day! It definitely switched things up!

This week has been very wet! we have been drenched by the rain about
every single day this week! We might as well go swimming in the pond
sized puddles everywhere! It´s always the best when a car flies
through a puddle and drenches us. Sometimes I wonder if some people do
that on purpose! Good thing I have a sweet trench coat!

So I have an awesome umbrella that you push a button and it opens
automatically. Neat-O. Well It got to the point where I was opening it
so much that now sometimes it will just open without me pressing the
button! So when it isn´t raining me and my companion have to walk
round with all of our rain gear because we know that it will soon
start to rain. So I walk around with my umbrella hanging from my coat
pocket and we will be walking down the street and all of the sudden my
umbrella will burst open! It´s happened a couple times while we are
contacting people... That always catches them by surprise! Anyways...
I guess it´s time to get a new umbrella...

Our mission has  been focusing a lot lately on talking to everyone you
see. It´s pretty great. I have really been able to see that when you
are being diligent and doing what the Lord asks he puts people in
your path. It´s cool to just help everyone feel the love of God in
their life even if all you do is talk to them once. I JUST LOVE IT!

Well Hope everything is going super great! Love you!

Love, Hermana Woodbury

Monday, June 2, 2014

My new companion!

Wow what a week! Half the time being in a trio in another sector- the other half with a member who usually doesn´t know the lessons... Good times! I was actually really happy because I got to go to my area every day even if it wasn´t for the whole day! We did a few fix-ups with the Hermanas of other areas too and with members in my sector. It was a great opportunity to get to know some of the members better. I was able to get a couple of the young single adults get enthused to maybe serve a mission! YEAH MISSIONS!

Don´t get me wrong though I am definitely excited to have a companion starting tomorrow! My new companion is..... drum roll por favor..... Hermana Call! Oh Yeah! This cambio is going to rock! I´m so darn excited! 

The sisters conference we had was super awesome. I especially loved it because we got to see ALL of the hermanas from the whole mission! Oh yeah! That´s awesome! Every time we took a break or anything it took a while to get things started again because everyone just goes crazy talking to each other. Hey when you get that many girls together what else do you expect? Anyways, I really loved it.

My mind went completely blank so I am just going to be done with this one... Love you guys!

Love, Hermana Wooden

Monday, May 26, 2014

In a trio for a few more days


This week was CRAZY! Remember when I didn´t have a companion? I remember that! Because I´m living it right now! It´s pretty complicated... I am working in a trio in a different area that is close to my area. So the only way I can work in my area is if I find a woman active member to be my companion to do visits. It´s real fun!

On Saturday I went out with this old lady that is just super rocking with missionary work and used to just go visit all the in active members so she just knows where all of them live! Anyways, we went to an investigators house and they weren´t there so she´s like "Hey! an inactive lives close by let´s go!" So we go and the neighbors come out and tell us that their son died (as in the son of the less active family) and that the viewing was in a house a couple blocks away. Yeah- we went by and found them. (don´t worry, in Chile people always go to viewings of people that they don´t really even know just to show support so it wasn´t weird to them that we went) It was actually really good because we were also able to tell the bishop so they were able to feel the support of the church. We´re going to pass by later. I feel like it is a very key moment for that family. 

Today we had our Liders counsel in Concepción which is a couple hours in bus from Chillan, and considering that I don´t have a companion, I was the only hermana going from Chillan. Chuta... So I had to go with the elders... Weird. This whole not having a companion thing is real interesting! 

This next week we are going to have a sister capacitation where ALL of the sisters in the whole mission are going to go and be uplifted. I am SUPER excited for it! As sisters we just learn a little different, I mean that´s why Releif Society exists right? Yeah same basic concept! 

Hey!! This is super random, but do you guys remember Hector from Chillancito??? Yeah well I just talked to a missionary who is working there and they told me he is preparing for the mission!!! YEAH!!! GO HECTOR!!!! Anyways that just made me way happy. It is just really cool to see people´s progress. I love this work so darn barn much!

 Love you guys!

Loveth Hermana Woodbury

Monday, May 19, 2014

Moving Trikes

Fun fact- So Chileans are really obsessed with this hot drink called mate, which is like an herbal tea, and during the winter they are even more crazy for it! Anyways sometimes we will call at their door and they will open it covering their mouth and say "I can´t right now I´m drinking mate." My favorite it when they come all the way out to the gate covering their mouth and THEN tell us that. Mostly I just love that they think they have to cover their mouth to come outside after drinking something hot.



​These trikes are the best invention ever! We used it to help a member move!  I´m totally investing in one when I get home.

​One time we went to a members house and there was a rooster eating at her table....

​I´m just not really sure where that street is! This is actually hilarious because retorno means I return... And it´s pointing up :) I just like it.

Anyways things have been going great! My companion goes home this week on Thursday and I have no idea what they are going to do with me for the last week and a half of the cambio.. If they are going to have me work in a different sector or give me a new companion.. It´s a mystery! I just love being on a mission!

Hope everything is going great! Love you guys!

Hermana Woodbury

Monday, May 12, 2014


Crazy how time flies! It seems like I just talked to you guys! Oh wait.... That was yesterday. :) Well considering that not much has changed since then.... Maybe I will just send some pictures until I think of something to tell you guys...?

​This is what I like to call a "perzana" it´s actually called a "pera de agua" (water pear) but it is the weirdest pear in the world! It looks and tastes like a cross between an apple and a pear! It´s awesome! Anways, apple in spanish is "manzana" so I named this fruit "perzana" :D

Um... I was going to send more pics but they are on my companions camera and her memory card isn´t connecting to the computer so.. I guess that´s enough pictures!

So I am proud to say we finished building Martha´s house! Or at least eough so that the rain doesn´t get to her... She moved in this week! I love doing service. It´s so much fun. Whether its building a house or it is helping them know that God loves them. I love that by serving people we can show them the love of Christ :)

Hope everything is going great! Love you guys!

Loveth, Hermana Woodbury

Monday, May 5, 2014

House from Scrap wood

Hey! I mean it hasn´t been the most eventful week this week. Just kind of doing the same things I always do ya know? We taught Cesar about chastity and he really wants to marry his girlfriend (she lives in his house and is probably going to have a baby this week) so he talked with her about it after and she told him that she doesn´t want to marry him... He was really sad and didn´t go to church. But we talked to him on the phone and apparently it´s because he had to work and he says he wants to keep going to our church and stuff so we´ll see how it all goes..

So there is this a recent convert here named Martha that is getting kicked out of her house, so there is a guy that gave her a place to live, but it´s like half a house so we have been helping her get everything covered from the rain before she had to move there. It´s really sad. It´s like when you build a fort out of scrap wood, except she is actually going to live there. It´really sad the way some of the people live here. It makes me really grateful for all I have. It even makes me grateful for the mold box I lived in for six months in Chillancito!

Hope everything is going well! Love you guys!

Loveth, Hermana Woodbury

Monday, April 28, 2014

Locked out

Hey all! Let me just tell you something I love about Chile. People always drive down the street selling fruit, vegetables and eggs. This is what happens, they drive slowly and yell really loud (sometimes in a megaphone) what food they have that day, and then people come out of their houses to buy it. My favorite one I have ever heard is here in Chillan. This guys has a REALLY loud megaphone and all he sells is eggs, so he goes, "lo huevo lo huevo lo huevo. Lo huevo lo huevo." And he just says it over and over REALLY FAST so you can hardly understand what he is saying. Any ways, I think I might do that for my future career. What do you think?

This week I did something really dumb. So I don´t know if I have ever told you this before, but the doors here in Chile only open from the inside, so if you close the door and you don´t have a key, you´re out of luck because the door is locked. Yeah, I locked us out. We were leaving the house and I was looking for the keys in my back pack, and felt like I should tell my companion not to close the door yet but then I was like "Nah, she´ll wait till I find the keys." Nope. Door shut. No keys. CHUTA! "Hermana Chavez.... I´m really sorry but... I don´t have the key...." "Dang, I felt like maybe I should ask, but I just figured you did...." Okay now, for most people that might not be a huge deal because they have a hidden key under the doormat or someone else who lives there and has a key. Nope not us. The nearest key was in Concepcion which is a couple hours away, and there is no way we were about to go to Concepcion and miss our appointments. I mean it wasn´t the end of the world or anything, we just ended up sleeping on the floor in some other sister missionaries near by and they brought us the key the next day... But it was very inconvenient and it totally could have been prevented if one of us had acted on our prompting. Lesson learned. LISTEN!!

Hey Cesar came to church again! Oh man he is such a great guy! We havn´t even been able to teach him word of wisdom or law of chastity yet but he already wants to get married and stop drinking so we know he can do it especially once he knows its a commandment! 

Anyways.... I am just going to go now. Love you guys!

Loveth, Hermana Woodbury

Monday, April 21, 2014

All dogs go to Chile

HAPPY EASTER!!!! I hope it was super great! Here it was actually super weird because no one really did anything to celebrate. I mean everyone know it was the "Semana Santa" as it´s called here, but I feel like its just because they had a longer weekend. Everyone just like disappeared from our area. Chileans love to go out to the "campo" (country) like every time they get the chance and some how everyone has family out there. It was mildly desolate this week!

Well we had cambios today! AND......... (drum roll please)........ We are both staying together in Los Copihues!!!! YEAH! I´m super excited because that means I get to kill Hermana Chavez! (mission speaking) I´m pretty happy about it because I´ve never killed anyone before.

Hey remember Cesar? Yeah he is still real awesome! He had to work Sunday though so he couldn´t go to church. That was a real bummer but he is still super awesome and same with his family! It´s just always a big adventure when we go over there!

So I have quite the story today! There is a recent convert in our area that has like four dogs and they are always everywhere! So one day we are just about to say a prayer to start a lesson when water starts streaming down from the ceiling right in front of us. We were all like "Is it raining? I thought it was sunny outside..." And then the convert FREAKS out and says something about her dog upstairs. Oh sick. That was not water. That was dog pee. We moved real quick! So she punishes her dog and casts him outside and we clean up the pee. Sick. Okay, ready. Let´s say the opening prayer. Then we hear someone outside "HALO" It´s the elders. That´s awkward. So they come in and we just teach a lesson together... Kinda weird but whatever. Well we get done and we are all saying goodbye, when dog pee comes falling down from the ceiling right above one of the elders! He has this look that says "that´s weird... is it raining outside?" And we´re like "Elder! That´s dog pee!" Gross. So disgusting. Poor guy. I guess the dog snuck back in. There are way too many dogs here in Chile. 

Anyways! Love you guys! Hope everything is wonderful!

Love Hermanana Woodbury

Monday, April 14, 2014

Riding the bus

So this morning we invited all the hermanas over in our group of missionaries and had breakfast! It was really great and fun! I just really like getting together with everyone, it´s a good time! Here´s a pic! Hope you like the Christmas table cloth! I figured since it´s starting to get cold here it must be close to Christmas!

This week was pretty awesome! Guess what happened! Cesar came to church!!!!! Yeah!!!! He was committed to go two weeks in a row and he would get up and get ready to go, and then chicken out! But this week he was like " I HAVE to go! Satan can´t win!" Yeah Cesar!!! Our mission leader, when we were describing where he lived was like, "Hey! I know him! he was friends with my daughter! I want to call him to invite him to church!" Sweet! Co Hermano Orellana! So we gave him Cesar´s number. I seriously am convinced that that is what got Cesar to church. Just knowing that he knew someone there! It was an incredible testimony meeting too, I was just so happy all day! He really loved it and felt really good there.

I also had a mini cambio this week with Hermana Phelps! YEAH!!! I just really love her. We do a lot of mini cambios! We have to have one with every companionship every cambio and there are five companion ships we are in charge of so we do one every week!

This is me and my companion Hermana Chavez on a bus :D

I just love this gospel! I love just helping people feel that God loves them and help them know that the plan of God really is a plan of happiness. WOO HOO!!!! GO MISSIONARY WORK!!! Love you guys!

Love, Hermana Woodbury

Monday, April 7, 2014


Yeah, don´t you worry! I´m alright! We didn´t feel anything at all! Actually, I was in a mini cambio, and our leaders called us to tell us about the earthquake and warn us that it might hit over here too, so we were like all prepared to go through an earthquake and it didn´t happen! Since I am a leader I had some sisters calling me and freaking out all scared about it and I had to just calm them down and stuff. All that for nothing! That´s okay though, I won´t complain.

Well how about that General Conference! Good stuff right! I just really loved it. I even got to watch it in English this time! Well all except for the women's conference that is. I LOVE watching it in English! I just love hearing their voices when they speak! I always just feel like they are speaking directly to me and it helps me know what I can do to become better.

We are seriously so so lucky to know that there is a living prophet to lead and guide us! We taught a LOT of people about prophets this week. We were like, " Hey if God wanted to speak to you would you want to hear it? Well he does want to speak to you! And he is going to do it through the prophet this weekend! COME!" Ya know something like that. Depending on the person. We just wanted EVERYONE to come. 

Mariela was the only investigator we had there, but she really loved it. We are a little concerned though because the member that she really good friends with was talking with us after conference and said something like, "You know what they need to change in this church? The prophets!" and right in front of Mariela! Yeah we are going to need to help that member gain a testimony... Because that´s just not okay. But the good news is that Mariela is still golden!

Love you guys! Be safe!

Love, Hermana Woodbury

Monday, March 31, 2014


Hey there! Well you might be wondering why I´m emailing so late and I´ll tell you why! Today we had.... leaders council? I think that´s what its called. Basically all the leaders get together and have a real big meeting. It was great! Learned a lot! THEN we all went paint balling! INCLUDING President and Hermana Arrington! It was seriously so much fun! WOO HOO!!!!

We have been working with some pretty awesome people lately! One of them is Cesar, he is like in his late twenties and he is about to have a kid so he told us that he really wants to make changes in his life and that he wants to get baptized! Yeah! His family is totally rockin, they have ten people living in that house and he has twenty three nieces and nephews and since its that grandparents house there are ALWAYS people there, so every time we go we just teach more people and they all are just super happy to have us in their home and most of them live close by in our area! They like crowd around us sometimes! It´s crazy! That house is a gold mine! They are all so ready for the gospel I can´t even believe it! It´s going to start with Cesar and explode! The only thing is that I think he is a little intimidated to go to church, so we´re trying to get him introduced to the bishop because bishop is rockin!

Actually let me just tell you how rockin he really is! Yesterday there was a less active member that showed up with a non-member at church yesterday, and the bishop knew them. Apparently she was an investigator before, so bishop talked to her and she said she had stopped smoking so he invited her to a baptism date! She accepted and he called us up and told us he had a baptism for us to do! Sweet! Her name is Mariela if I remember correctly but we totally have an appointment with her tomorrow! Isn´t that incredible??! So excited to get to know this girl!

We seriously just see more and more miracles every day and I love it so much! Don´t get me wrong, there have been A LOT of hard days, but that makes it so when a miracle happens it´s so much more noticeable. I really just love seeing all the ways the Lord blesses his children. Like General Conference for example! Who´s excited?! I sure am!!! YEAH!!!! Go modern day revelation!!!!

Well that´s all I can think of right now! Love you guys! 

Love, Hermana Woodbury

Monday, March 24, 2014

Terrible musical number

Hey there! Well not too much is happening, just trying to get the hang of the new area still, but we have been finding some great people! We are especially trying to work with part-member families, because they just really need to be all member families so that they can get sealed in the temples. Yeah, that´s pretty important.

Something I have realized is that since I´m not that much of an emotional person I have a hard time knowing what to do when someone cries... Don't get me wrong if I know them I can totally help them out and give them comfort, but sometimes we will talk to some one on the street and out of no where they will start crying! What do you do then??! That happened TWICE just yesterday! They start crying and i just don´t really know how to react so I just freeze up a little! I feel bad because they´re crying and I just don´t know what to say or do! But the good thing is my companion is really good at it... Yesterday I told her that it kinda freaks me out a little bit when people start crying so she had me do practices with her when we got home... It was hilarious. But I am determined to better my skills on that! 

On Saturday the elders had a baptism so we went to support them. When we got there they were like, "Hermanas! Can you help us with a musical number??!" Haha thanks for letting us know in advance! So the elders decide that they were going to sing the first verse of When I am Baptized in Spanish and then since we´re both gringas we would sing the second verse in English and then we would all sing the second verse again in Spanish. Remember that this is like right before the baptism is starting so we didn´t even have time to practice before... I don´t even know how to describe how bad it went! It was so bad that the members were making fun of us after! The whole terrible musical number deal is really starting to become a bad tradition here in Chile!

Well, I just don´t really know what else to tell you about so... Yep! That´s about it! Love you guys!

Loveth, Hermana Woodbury

Monday, March 17, 2014

Birthday CAKE!

Hey you guys! I seriously can not even believe that I am already 21 and that I have been in the mission for over a year. It goes by WAY TOO FAST!!!!! I just don't really like how fast it goes. Well. Life has been pretty darn crazy this last week! On Monday night I went to say goodbye to a few people and one of the hermanas in our ward was waiting for me at her house with a birthday cake! I felt so so loved! She was way sad that I was leaving right before my birthday so she made sure I celebrated with her before! I never even told anyone my birthday in the ward but apparently they can look up our info when we're in their ward! I had no idea she even knew!
So anyways as I was on my way to my knew area with my companion Hermana Chavez (side note: she is from California but her parents are both from Mexico so she grew up speaking both languages) I asked her where on earth we were going to live considering there are just elders in our area and all of the areas close by. and I found out that we were going to live in the Pulsipher's house!!!!! You have no idea who they are or why that is so exciting, but it's a big deal!!! Elder Pulsipher is the first counselor to the Mission President and he and his wife are living here in Chillan live pretty much in the middle of the city. They live in a super nice apartment and it is seriously like living in the United States! It is just so homey! and the Pulsiphers are just so great and so fun! Everyone who knows that we are living here are very much jealous and I seriously have no idea how I won the lottery.... I have officially lived in the worst of the worst and now the best of the best. YEAH! But unfortunately the Pulsiphers are ending their mission in like a week. But I think they might let us stay here until the new couple comes in like a couple months. We really aren't sure but we aren't going to so anything to find a different place until they MAKE us!
It's been pretty crazy opening this area. We had to start completely from scratch. Zero names to put in our planner. but we have been getting to know the members and they are amazing and super enthused about missionary work and even give us referrals! WOO HOO!!! It's been pretty rough hard work but I'm super excited about this area and my companion is super great! YEAH!
Oh and our district totally fasted on my birthday and then we went to a relief society activity and they offered us cake and I couldn't eat it... Darn barn! Oh well!
Love you guys!
Hermana Woodbury

Monday, March 10, 2014

My new area is called Copihue

goodbye Hermana Gonzales


I´m seriously freaking out. I know that´s pretty normal for me but this time I have a reason. CAMBIOS!!!!! President Arrington called me last night and extended the call to be Líder de Capacitación de Hermanas. I have no idea what that is in english because that calling didn´t exist before my mission... But basically I will be over a group of hermanas to help them out with stuff and do mini cambios.... Honestly I have no idea what all of the responsibilities are but my companion is super great! Her name is Hermana Chavez and she has been a leader for a while so she´ll teach me the ways! It´s going to be really crazy because we are also opening a new area. WOO! Now you know why I´m freaking out. I´m going into the great unknown. My new area is called Copihue, which is close to Chillan. I will no longer be here close to Concepcion! AH!! BUT Hermana Phelps will be in my zone!!!!! WOO HOO!!! :D

I just want you to know that I had a traumatic experiance this week. We had a mission conference where a general authority came. His name is Elder Zeballos of the Seventy. That´s not the traumatic part. Just let me tell you what happened. So the President (of the Mission not the country) was calling for some volunteers to go up and do a teaching demonstration in front of everyone (there were like four zones there so about seventy missionaries) and he says, "can we have some Hermanas?" (looking at me) There were only about ten sisters in the conference and he was looking directly at me. I didn´t move. Then he repeated "An Hermana Please" (still looking at me.) Chuta. So I got up and took the long excrutiating walk to the front. I was seriously shaking so bad and did the most terrible teaching ever in my whole life. In front of everyone. Including a general authority. I´m still traumatized. 

This week in church we were sitting in releif society and a kid come in and goes up to his mom and says, "Mom, I just really need something fun!" She chuckles and the kid goes, "No seriously!" Oh my heck. I almost died trying not to laugh.

One we were at a house and I saw that it had a doorbell by the door. So I rang it... and realized it was the power switch. Oops. Hope no one was watching their favorite tv show...

Well! That´s about it! I´m doing pretty great, a little nervous but loving the mission! Hope everything is going well! Love you guys!

Con Amor, Hermana Woodbury

Monday, March 3, 2014


We had a zone activity today where we toured a sweet ship called the huasca! It used to be owned by Peru until Chile conquered it and then used it for battles. 

First off, I seriously can not believe that I have been in the mission for a year! That is so crazy! The other Hermanas sang happy birthday to me in English (which was super great considering they´re all Latinas) and we ate a ice cream cake type thingy. I have some pics but... Maybe next time I will send them!

Things are going pretty well, but remember that week when we had a million people at church? Well almost all of them dropped of the map because it´s the end of summer vacation and every one wants to take advantage of the last days. BUT Nicolas is still doing great! We are postponing his baptism to next week for some reasons but he´s totally excited to get baptized! The other day we were teaching him and he made a Harry Potter joke and I laughed about it for like a year! I don´t even remember what he said but I was just so happy to hear a Harry Potter reference!

There is this member named Mannuel in our ward who is preparing to go on a mission but has been a little indecisive, so we have been working a lot with him and we have him accompany us a lot. Lately we´ve been having him help us contact people, and at first he was super freaked out to do it, but this week we were walking down the street contacting and a lady slipped past us and our barricade. So Mannuel goes " CHUTA! We didn´t contact her! Hurry give me a pass along card!" And then he RUNS after her and contacts her. I was so shocked I couldn´t even laugh! I probably just stood there starring in shock! I´m pretty sure that lady was pretty shocked too! I sure would be if some random ran up to me like that! Another thing that happened this week with him is when we went to an investigator´s house. We all entered and were just greeting each other and then about thirty seconds after we enter we hear someone BANGING at the door. Me and Hermana Alvarez look at each other shocked, and Mannuel says, "Don´t worry it´s just Hermana Bollet." WHAT!???!! Mannuel purposely locked her out of the house and we had no idea! We were not very happy with him after that visit... Especially Hermana Bollet.

Well, that pretty much sums things up for now! Love you all!

Con cariño, Hermana Woodbury

Monday, February 24, 2014

Firefighter wedding

Hey there my dearest friends and family! Sometimes I just don't really know what to write... Not too many things happened out of the ordinary this week but I will tell you the Nicolas is super golden! His baptism date for right now is the eighth (how the heck do you spell that word??) of march! WOO HOO!!!! We have awesome young single adults in our ward that always invite him to do stuff with them. When members help out it makes SO MUCH DIFFERENCE!!! love it.

Marcelo the atheist that isn't atheist anymore is also being super awesome! but him and Jessica need to get married...And Jessica has to get divorced first but her spouse doesn't want to give her the divorce or something like that... Why can't people just be married with the people they are living with? We always end up teaching people with complicated marriage situations! 

Remember Christofer? Yeah... Apparently he didn't have a good experience at church last week so they didn{t come this week. NNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! But we aren't giving up on him not even close!!!!

There was a wedding in our church of a firefighter and we were invited! It was awesome because they like did some awesome routines and stuff outside our church and then after the wedding when the bride and groom were leaving they sprayed their car with the fire hoses all the way down the street! It was pretty fun I thought!

I keep forgetting to tell you guys something important!!!! Remember when I told you that Hermana Alvarez is from Honduras?? Well I lied. She is from Nicaragua. Okay now you know. She also doesn't pick the watermelon seed out before eating a piece of watermelon. I tried warning her that watermelons will grow out of her ears if she eats them but she didn't believe me... She just eats them still.

Well that's that! Love you guys! Hope all is well!

Love Hermana Woodenburg

Monday, February 17, 2014

El Super Trio

AH!!!!! I can't even believe all the miracles that happened this week! But I{m just going to tell you the big one. Almost all of our investigators that we have been focusing on went to church yesterday!!!!!!!!! WOOO!!! I'm just going to tell you about all of them because they are all super incredible! Some of them might even be familiar to you guys!

Cristofer- He went to church again! I am still completely obsessed with their family. Really though. I just know that he is going to get baptised and they are going to get sealed in the temple one day.

Nicolas- We have been teaching him for a long time! The whole time I have been in this area but he was almost always on vacation, ESPECIALLY weekends. But he recently told us that he prayed and he knows that its true, so when he went to church we showed him the baptismal font and he is super excited! YEAH!!!

Marcelo- I possibly might have told you about him but I'm not sure. His family is inactive and he didn't believe in God. Now he feels like he has a relationship with Him and he and his family went to church! He has a little three year old daughter named Valentina that reminds me SO MUCH of Berkley! She is so cute! But she doesn't sing songs for me and she is a lot more shy.

Fabian- We found him Friday. His wife Viviana is inactive but she has a lot of family that attends our ward actively. Her sister actually told us about them but said she didn't know if they would actually be receptive but we just decided pass by anyway. Holy canoli were they receptive! When we asked Fabian how he thought he could prepare himself for baptism he said, " I want to go to church Sunday. We're going to go to church." WHAT???!!!  He invited himself to Church! And they both went! Her sister was SUPER happy to see them there and super surprised. Now we just have to get them married and help him quit smoking.... BUT WE CAN DO IT!!!!!! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH THE HELP OF OUR HEAVENLY FATHER!!!!

Julio- We found him SATURDAY! When we invited him to church he really didn't want to commit to it so we really didn't think he would go. But when we called him in the morning he said yes! Amazing. He has a cute little daughter named Agustina and she was running around all during sacrament meeting... Oops... But here in Chile that's actually quite common to have happen...

Brauleo- Remember the story I told about giving our landlords son a Book of Mormon? Yeah this is the guy. He is SUPER catholic and still doesn't accept baptism BUT now he is saying "it will take time" instead of "No I already got baptized" AND is reading in Alma 22 now. With time, it will
definitely happen. I just know it.

This is seriously an area of miracles. I was so stunned that everyone went to church  I didn't know haw to handle it! The church was nice and full, so we felt pretty good.

This week we really learned that when you are obedient and working diligently the Lord sees it and blesses you. There were a lot a times this week that we had to go home early or leave later because of Hermana Bollets migrain problems but when we were working we just really put our trust in the Lord to bless us.

Well... Thats all I really have to say this week! I just love this missionary thing SO MUCH!!!! Love you guys!

Love, Hermana Woodbury

Monday, February 10, 2014


Wow this week was seriously crazy! So many ups and downs! Okay so the first thing you should know is that one of my companions Hermana Bollet has really bad migraines. To the point that last cambio she couldn´t work for two weeks and almost went home. She has a lot of ups and downs with it and this week was kind of a down because she was out for a couple days. We were a little worried because last week we found all of the AMAZING people and we just needed all of them to go to church! We really had to learn to put our trust in the Lord and know that if we put in our effort to do all we can he will bless us. With the help of the Lord and the members both of the people we are teaching that accepted baptism went to church!!!!! WOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay I will tell you about them! The first is Cristofer. He is seriously AWESOME! His wife Valentina (and yes they are actually married and not just living together! WOW!) is a less active member that we have been visiting has been starting to go to church again recently and they have the CUTEST little one year old boy named Mateo! I am like seriously obsessed with their family! They are so great! Their whole marriage (okay they havn´t been married THAT long but still) they always say a prayer together every night before they go to bed! And now that we are visiting them they always read the pamphlets we give them together! Talk about prepared!!!! When I´m there I seriously feel like they are family because of the way we can joke around and stuff. I will admit, it was a little rough to get him to church though, we´ve been teaching him for at least a month, but now that he finally went I just know that he will keep going! He HAS to!!!! PRAY FOR THEIR FAMILY!!!!!

Okay the other one is named Eduardo. He was a pure miracle in church this Sunday! We actually found him last Sunday which is when he accepted baptism. He is like twenty something so for our next appointment we took a returned missionary with us that actually ended up knowing him really well and told him that he would pass by on Sunday. Well good thing because after that, Eduardo wasn´t at our next cita and didn´t answer our phone calls! So we passed by his house Saturday to see if he was there and his parents said he went out of town and he´d be back Monday or Tuesday. So we thought he was a goner, and that there was NO WAY he was going to church. So we were just sitting there during the sacrament and I take a look behind me, and all the way in the back of the congregation Eduardo is there sitting the that RM. I was seriously so stunned to see him. PURE MIRACLE I tell you. Pure miracle.

As for the trio it´s still going super great! Here are some great things that have happened: Hermana Bollet wears a hat that makes her seem like she could be a Jehova´s Witness and we are ALWAYS teasing her about it, so one day we were contacting a lady and the lady asks what church we´re from and Hermana Bollet goes "Jehova´s Witnesses!" NO: We were seriously mortified. Next: Hermana Alvarez was contacting an old man that was very catholic that said he did NOT want to change so her response was something like this, "Honestly, we don´t want you to change your religion, okay well, I mean we actually do but that´s why you just have to pray about it..." Oops. Well all just started to laugh. Including the old man! Next: Hermana Alvarez was writing our information ona pamphlet to give an investigator and she seriously wrote "Goodbury" ... My own companion can´t even spell my name right....

Well Out of time! Love you guys SO MUCH!!!!

Love, Hermana Goodbury

Monday, February 3, 2014

Not even a fly can get past us!

AH!!!! I just love my trio! I´m not even going to lie, I used to pray that I would never be put in a trio but now I have no idea why I ever did that! We talk with EVERYONE. With three of us it is impossible for people to get by with out one of us talking to them. Not even a fly can get past us! Or maybe said... not even a dog can get passed us!

It´s super awesome because we all knew each other pretty well from being in the same zone and having mini cambios together and we all love joking around! I think that it has helped us all a lot because we all feel like we can just be ourselves. We are always just walking down the street with all of us laughing and smiling and I think that has also help people be more receptive to us too! We are seriously seeing miracles by the minute because we all are just working hard and enjoying it!

One day we were walking down the street and we turned a corner to find a house, and and old lady ran after us yelling "WAIT WAIT!!" and I just thought, Oh great, a crazy lady... And she goes, "Are you guys Mormons?" "...Yeah..." "Do you have one of those little books for me to read?" (referring to the pamphlets we give) " I really love to read and I want to become closer to God." I seriously could not believe it! SHE contacted US!!! AND she wasn´t even crazy! Yeah, we are definitely going to pass by and teach her!

The past month has been a little rough with investigators because it has been summer vacation and everyone just leaves all of the sudden to go out of town when we have an appointment and ESPECIALLY on the weekends instead of going to church. But we just KNOW that everyone is going to go to church this next Sunday!

Random fact about my area: Since it´s fairly close to the sea, sometimes the wind brings in the smell of raw fish. It is super gross when that happens and one of my companions always looks like she is about to puke.

Our mission has really been working hard on finding and reactivating less active members and something I´ve found is that no body ever falls suddenly. It always starts with something small. It starts with not reading your scriptures. Not saying your prayers. Skipping just one Sunday. Those are the cheesy primary answers that we all grow up hearing but really it is SO important! If we skip once it makes it easier to do it again, and then all of the sudden we aren´t going to church at all and it´s easier to fall into greater sin. If we don´t fall in the little things, we won´t fall in the big ones. So do it! Don´t be too busy to read a verse from the Book of Mormon before you go to bed! PRO!! WOO HOO

I just love you guys so darn barn much! 

Love, Hermana Woody (That´s kinds weird..)

Monday, January 27, 2014


Well here comes a trio! That´s no joke! We had cambios today and my companion is leaving me in the dust and I´m going to have TWO companions! It actually makes me a little bit nervous to be in a trio... BUT luckily I know both of my new companions pretty well, one is actually Hermana Bollet from Peru, she lived with me for like four months in Chillancito! My other companion is Hermana Alverez and I´m pretty sure she´s from Honduras, she was in my old zone for a couple cambios. Looks like I´m still the only gringa in the house! Pretty crazy stuff!
So last Monday a family in our ward took us around Talcahuano a bit to see the sites!

Yeah, THAT IS TALCAHUANO!!! Isn´t it so beautiful! Actually when the earthquake hit in 2010, a tsunami came after it and destroyed a lot of the city of Talcahuano. The family we were with showed us some spots where everything was just wiped out, but a lot of rebuilding has already been done so that´s good news! (The Hermana doing the peace sign is my companion Hermana Canchan).

Talcahuano is pretty much fishing central. If you want to buy a fish, you can just ask this guy who is still in his boat with his fresh fish and he will cut off the fins for you! The family we were wish bought a couple...

And then fed it to us on Wednesday when we had lunch with them!

I don´t have much more time but things have been going great. I hope that everyone´s doing well! I´ll send a couple more pics. Love you guys!

Hermana Merrisa Woodbury

Monday, January 20, 2014

Our investigator Claudia

Hey all! Well things are going pretty well, We did a TON of service this week! And I am very happy to say that non of it involved funerals! It was actually pretty neat because we had the chance to help out one of our investigators! Her name is Claudia. She was moving houses (within our same area) and we always kept on telling her that if she wants any help to let us know. So she called us up one day and asked if we knew anyone with a truck that could help move the stuff, so we found a couple members with trucks and a bunch of members from the elders quorum came to help! She called us this morning (we were really happy because it´s a rare occasion when the investigator calls the missionary) to just say how grateful she and her family are for our help! It has been tough to be able to teach her because she has been busy  looking for houses and looking for a job and stuff but now things are finally settling down a bit in her life so we are really hoping to be able to start teaching her again because she is AWESOME! She seriously has the face of a relief society president! It´s bound to happen!
Another service we did this week was help a member with her back porch garden. I had the job of racking the leaves. I thought it would be easy, but all she had to do it was a shovel and all of the leaves were plastered to the ground in dried dog poop. I don´t even know how to describe it... I used to like dogs, but in Chile there are just way too many and every one just lets there dog wander around where ever and they don't ever clean up after them! Some times I see a really gross looking dog and I think it´s a stray and then I see it enter someones house... 

Hey remember Andres? Yeah well he is totally avoiding us. I am convinced that he knows it is true but he just doesn't want to give up things in his life and he knows that is he keeps meeting with us he´ll have to change...

One of the members here had a bunch of church magazines and materials that they were getting rid so he offered all the stuff to us and the other ward members and I found an awesome Ensign from 1991 in English! It is so great, it honestly has some great messages. It amazes me how revelation from God never changes. It always applies to our lives no matter when it was given. The principles of the gospel never change, they are the same today as they were in 1991, and they are they same today as they were when Christ himself was on the earth. We are so lucky to have this truth in our lives!

Love you guys hope all is well!

Love, Hermana Merrisa Woodbury

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

death week

I won´t lie, this week has been interesting. We started off with the goal to serve the members in any way that we could, and we definitely got the opportunity.... just not in the way we expected. The morning of January 1, we had an appointment with the bishop to help him with his garden but when we arrived he was talking on the phone and when he hung up he said, "Well, we started the year off bad. An hermano passed away." So instead of gardening, we cleaned the church to get ready for the funeral. Thankfully it wasn´t much of a surprise because he was a really old guy and he had been in the hospital for a while. 

The members didn´t really get time to recover from that one because the next day we got the call that another member passed away. This time it was a little more extreme because she was only forty years old and she died suddenly in a car crash. We definitely ended up spending a lot of the week helping members and helping the bishop. From cleaning the church over and over to visiting members in need. I´m just kinda hoping that this week is a little more normal?? Please?

On a brighter note, we have a pretty cool investigator named Andres. We just barely taught him for the first time on Saturday, and he came to church on Sunday! That´s good when that happens. He really seems to have a lot of potential!

With all of the crazy drama in the ward this week and everything I have really learned how important the Plan of Salvation is in our lives. The sister in our ward who lost her daughter bore her testimony yesterday about how grateful she is for the covenants she has made because she knows without a doubt that she´ll be able to see her daughter again. That is really something that not everyone believes, and we are super blessed to know that there is a life after this one. I just love this Gospel so darn barn much!

Hope everything is going well and that you guys didn´t do anything TOO crazy for new years! Love you!

Cariños, Hermana Woodbury

p.s. pachucos means skinny jeans