Monday, August 26, 2013

Six month mark!

We found a restaurant with normal American type food and we all LOVED it.... Funny how you take things for granted

Okay I´m really freaking out because I´ve almost been a missionary for six months and I still just feel like I´m brand new! Everyone tells you that it goes by way fast and it´s seriously so true! I really don´t like that it´s going by so fast because that means I´ll go home really fast and I just have so much to do here!

I can´t really think of anything really interesting to tell you guys honestly. It´s just the same thing all the time! It´s starting to get a lot warmer though and that´s super duper great because we can actually get people to stop and talk to us a little more. I feel like interesting things happen everyday, but I just can´t think of anything specific at this moment...

Well, that´s that. Remember to read your scriptures! Seriously. I have really found that the people who do the little things grow so much stronger in their testimony! I just love that so much. One of my favorite things to teach about is the Book of Mormon because it´s just so darn barn AWESOME and everybody needs to read it.

Well, sorry for sending such a lame email!

Love you guys!

Love, Hermana Woodbury

Ps. Mentira means lie

Monday, August 19, 2013

Postal Service ON STRIKE

Oh. My. HECK! I am just so obsessed with Yanet and Sergio! They are really like the best people I´ve ever met. They told us this week that they want to get married before September 18th. They were like "Yeah, we were thinking maybe we could get married on a Saturday at the church and then just get baptised the same day!" Well... AWESOME!!! AND that´s before the next transfer so both me and Hna Gonzalez would be there! The only thing is that they might have to fill out some sort of papers because they have an under age son, and it normally takes a couple months to do the whole process with that. But it doesn´t really make sense that they would have to do that because the son is from THEIR marriage. The bishop knows a lawyer who knows about stuff like that and is going to talk to him to see if they have to do it or not. Just pray so much for them! They seriously have so much faith and they want to be members of the church SO BAD!!

We have some other great investigators too... But nothing way too exciting that I need to tell. Something way great that happens sometimes is that people will just yell out whatever phrases they know in English when I walk by.. My favorite this week was a guy who kept yelling, "My name is! My name is!" I just wanted to yell back at him and say, "Your name is what?! PLEASE tell me your name already!" But he probably wouldn´t have understood, so I just laughed inside my head like I always do. :)

Also, it might be of interest for you guys to know that the postal service is on strike here so we don't get any letters as of right now... Yep. That´s all! I just love you guys SO MUCH! and I just LOVE it here! It is such a blessing that I get to be here serving the Lord. Something that we usually share with people the first time we teach them is about the atonement. It is really the center of our religion, and I am so grateful that I know what it really means for us. He knows us perfectly inside and out, because he went through it all. He didn´t only suffer for our sins, but he suffered our pains and our afflictions. (Alma 7:11-12) I just wish everyone could know what we know! 

Well... Chao!

Con much√≠simo amor, Hermana Woodbury

p.s nublado means cloudy 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Awkward words

Our Zone together one last time with our soccer jerseys that Hna Phelps designed! Since I´m serving in a Latin country I´m suddenly supposed to be obsessed with soccer... That´s too bad.
Ah!!!! WE HAVE TRANSFERS THIS WEEK!!!!! But don´t you even worry because I´m staying here with Hermana Gonzalez! :D We are just so super duper happy about it because we both just want to see Yanet and Sergio get married SO BAD!!! So we might be able to BOTH be there!! WOOO! I am seriously just so obsessed with them. They each had an interview with our district leader so that he could see their progress and everything and he told us that he has never interviewed anybody as ready as they are. I´m telling you, they seriously already seem like members because they already have SUCH strong testimonies. They just want to get married and baptized so bad! I just love teaching them so much. We always have the spirit there so strong and, they just always want to do everything they can to learn more!

Sometimes contacting people on the street and at their houses gets a little repetitive, so lately me and Hermana Gonzalez have been switching it up a little. We will come up with random words that we have to use in our contacts (tree, carmel, bicycle, etc). It´s super great because you have to be creative when you talk to people, so that you can slip in an awkward word and make it seem normal.  Surprisingly enough, sometimes those are the better contacts that we are able to feel the spirit more because we aren´t just repeating the same old thing. I just really like it!

Well.... That´s all I can really think of to tell you guys right now... Enjoy summer to the very end! Love you people! Chaoito!

Sincerito, Merrisito

Monday, August 5, 2013

Reading the PMG

Hey there my dearest friends and family! How are you all doing over there (For some reason I cant do a question mark on this computer so just pretend I put one... Gotta love using a public internet!)  Well you don´t have to actually answer that, but hey, I´m doing pretty great! Honestly not anything too exciting has happened this week. We´re pretty much just working with Yanet and Sergio and trying to find other investigators. Don´t get me wrong, we have other investigators, they just don´t  keep their commitments which means we really need to find some others. This week was pretty interesting because we found a bunch of new people who we were able to teach, but for some reason they were all super crazy...

Did I ever tell you that we are all reading PMG together as a mission (question mark) Yeah well we are and it´s super great. We finished the BOM and about a week later we got the assignment to read PMG! Better that way, then I don´t have to choose what to study, I´m way too indecisive for that! It has honestly been a super great experience. My testimony has grown a ton because of it. This is seriously the gospel of Jesus Christ. Everything we do is centered in him. I am just so grateful for his love for us. He truly atoned for us. He took our pains so that we can be free.

Hope all is well! Love you all!

Hermana Woodbury