Monday, October 7, 2013

Loving General Conference

Well now that it´s October, I hope everyone´s house is nice and decorated for Halloween! Unfortunately that holiday doesn´t exist here, but I´m thinking about dressing up as a rabbit that day in honor of the rabbit named Woodbury here in Chillancito.

How about that General Conference? I´m not going to lie, it is a totally different experience watching it in Spanish, than in English. It´s super weird because you see their lips moving, but there is a translator speaking over them in Spanish. Every speaker, you hear them say their first few words in English before the translator starts. It´s so weird not to be able to hear the individual voices and personalities of the speakers. You also can´t hear when everyone is chuckling in the conference center, and since the personality of the translator isn´t the same with the dumb little jokes they do in conference, nobody ever laughs. The translator for Elder Holland´s talk actually started crying a little and the spirit was really strong. I definitely kind of missed hearing their voices though. But I will have you know that Richard Scott translates his own talk so I DID get to hear his voice! Something else kind of fun is that in the middle of the session when everybody sings, the words on the screen are still in English, but everyone just gets out their hymn book and sings it in Spanish, so you´ve got the sound of the choir singing in English, and everyone else in Spanish and it´s just very interesting and great and confusing.

 We had a cool experience with our investigator Janeth in the Saturday Morning session. She told us that when Uchtdorf was speaking and said that "this church has a place for you," she felt like he was talking straight to her. I was like, YEAH! He WAS talking straight to you! Later, in the Sunday morning session, both Janeth and Sergio went and during every single talk I thought, "Oh my goodness! This is exactly what they needed to hear!" It is just so cool how everyone can get exactly what they need to hear out of conference. We are seriously so blessed to have the guidance of the prophet in our lives

I can´t really think of anything else to write right now my head is just so full of CONFERENCE. I hope everything is going super wonderful and that you all enjoyed conference, felt the spirit, and got a little life guidance! Love you people!

Con GRAN amor,
Hermana Woodbury

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