Monday, September 16, 2013

mini Cambios

Hey folks! Well, I´m officially freaking out! (as always... I think I´m usually freaking out about something....) We are going to have cambios (that means transfers... but from now on when I write I´m just going to write the word cambios so that I don´t have to ask the missionary next to me how to say cambios in English...) this Friday! AH! I´m way sad already because there is pretty much no way that me and Hermana Gonzalez are going to stay together for another transfer... "President! Please just let me stay in Chillancito!!!" AND, There is pretty much no way that me and Hermana Phelps (from the MTC) will be lucky enough to live together another transfer. I´ve been way too lucky. Anyways... Thought I´d let you know that I´m freaking out and that I have transfers soon.

I had a root beer float this week! Remember those??! (Just so you know that is really big news here in Chile. Stuff like that is a RARITY) I had a mini cambio in an area that right next to mine and Hermana Call somehow happened upon root beer, AND had vanilla ice cream to accompany it. WHOA! I actually really like mini cambios, it´s really great to just learn from other missionaries for a day. And you can just be way bold to people because it´s the only time you get to talk to them. I learned how important it really is to just show your love for the people you are serving. Sometimes as missionaries we just get kind of stressed out and forget to take the time to really show people that we care about them. That´s something that everybody really needs. Isn´t that why I´m here? To help people know that the Savior loves them? Yeah, That´s exactly why I´m here.

We had a zone activity today and it was just way great. So great. We went to the beach and played Frisbee and had some lunch. I really love zone activities because it´s almost like having a group of friends again! I know that sounds way sad but it´s just kind of true...

Anyways, that´s about it! Love you!

Hermana Woodbury

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