Monday, September 30, 2013

There is a rabbit named after me!

I have great news! The Registro Civil is open! That means Janeth and Sergio can progress! I am actually kind of worried about them because I just really don´t want them to loose their vision and be eternal investigators! They really just need to get married and baptised already! Oh man they are so awesome. I´ll keep on keeping you updated about them, don´t you even worry!

Here´s kind of a funny story. We were at a member´s house for lunch, and they weren´t quite done making dinner, so they invited us to go out back to look at their rabbits. Keep in mind that they have these rabbits for the soul purpose of eating them. Anyways, as they were showing us the rabbits they said that none of them had names, except one. "Woodbury!" Yeah. They named a rabbit after me that they are going to eat... Except when you think about it, the rabbits name is real Googoody because we all know that no one can actually say Woodbury.

This week I had a cool experience that really opened my eyes to how unimportant the things of the world are. We were teaching a lady that we had found a couple months ago and then could never find again. We would always pass by her house but she was never home. The first time we taught her she was just super awesome, loving and happy, but this time we finally found her and she was pretty depressed. She let us in her house and started to tell us how she had everything she could ever need; a nice house, a good job, a family, a busy life, but she just wasn´t happy and she didn´t know why. She told us that there are moments that she can feel happy but it just doesn´t last. We were able to share our testimonies about how the things that really bring true happiness are the things of God, and not the things of the world. I am so grateful for the knowledge I have that brings true happiness in this life. I was able to tell her without a shadow of a doubt that God loves her and wants her to be happy, she just had to let him in. 

Well... Nothing else is new. Guess I´ll talk to you next week! Love you guys!

Con mucho amor, Hermana Googoody

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