Monday, November 4, 2013


Hey! We have cambios! Don´t worry though, I am just staying here in Chillancito. :) But my companion sure isn´t! I actually am freaking out a little bit, because I officially am going to train. AH! I remember when I first arrived, I thought that the hermanas that had been in the mission eight months were just WAY experienced, and now that I´m here... I just still have SO MUCH TO LEARN! My poor daughter. (In the mission we call the missionaries we train our children...) The other crazy part is that me and Hermana Phelps are STILL living together! WOO HOO!!! I really got lucky with that one! And she will be training as well, so everything is just SUPER locisimo! (loco means crazy... locisimo is like loco, just super exagerated).

Well it turns out that people here really do celebrate Halloween! I saw like eight people dressed up in costumes to go trick or treating! It was pretty crazy! Actually they celebrate "Evangelico Day" on the thirty first so I got to see a few evangeilco armies marching down the street and singing praises to the Lord! One even gave me a pamphlet called "The Biblical Teachings of Hell," That´s what I want to read!

Well... Considering that I´m just freaking out right now, I forgot everything that I had to write you guys about this week. So I´ll just include some pics!

Here´s half of the seminary class! Usually I´m pretty sure they don´t learn anything and I am just talking to myself. If they were investigators we might have dropped them by now...?  (Notice that one is STILL texting even in the picture... I mean looking up scriptures. I´m pretty sure that was the longest period of time they have ever been quiet) Niños....
Chau compañera! Enjoy your next area!

Here´s our church! And a guy on a charriot! and some houses!
Yeah I know him. He´s famous. 

Love you guys!

De, Hermananana Woodbury

p.s. "dulce o travesura" means "trick or treat"

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