Monday, November 18, 2013

Where the river meets the ocean

Well here I am again! Not TOO much has happened that´s new. My companion still usually has no idea what is going on. Every time any one says any thing I have to repeat it so that she can understand. She understands my Spanish, just not Chilean yet. 

Let me tell you about Sergio and Claudia (Yes, another Sergio). Sergio is a less active member that has recently been coming back to church. One day, we taught him and his family which consists of his wife Claudia (well not really cause they aren´t married) and her daughter Camila. Well, When we found out that they not only had to get married (Yes, another Sergio that has to get married) but they both still needed to get divorced to their previous spouses, we gave up hope a little and didn´t visit them more... Then this week I get a call from president saying that he randomly found them with some elders in another area and taught them. What the? Since when does stuff like that happen? Well, he thinks Claudia is super great so now we´re teaching them again. Who knows, maybe it´ll even have a good ending!

As missionaries, we always find it very affective to sing to people. Usually people that wouldn´t normally let us in, are willing to listen to us sing, so once we´re in we can take advantage of the situation and teach a lesson. Well one day this week I had the hiccups like all day, so we ended up entering this house to sing them a song, and just about every time I open my mouth I would let out a super loud hiccup. I personally thought it was hilarious and so did my companion, so every time I hiccuped me and my companion´s voices would tremble because we were trying not to laugh. Meanwhile the couple who we are singing for just have this look like the are loving the hymn we are singing because it is just the best thing they´ve ever heard. I just havn´t decided whether or not I am too embarrassed to go back to that house to teach them again or not... But then again they seemed not to mind...

We had an activity today where we went to "where the river meets the ocean". For some reason m zone always like to have activities where you go to the beach and you don´t swim. It was pretty great though. Here are some pics.

Me and my hija!

The four gringas of Chillancito!

We found the pirates.
We´re in a cave. With a Moses staff.

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