Monday, January 20, 2014

Our investigator Claudia

Hey all! Well things are going pretty well, We did a TON of service this week! And I am very happy to say that non of it involved funerals! It was actually pretty neat because we had the chance to help out one of our investigators! Her name is Claudia. She was moving houses (within our same area) and we always kept on telling her that if she wants any help to let us know. So she called us up one day and asked if we knew anyone with a truck that could help move the stuff, so we found a couple members with trucks and a bunch of members from the elders quorum came to help! She called us this morning (we were really happy because it´s a rare occasion when the investigator calls the missionary) to just say how grateful she and her family are for our help! It has been tough to be able to teach her because she has been busy  looking for houses and looking for a job and stuff but now things are finally settling down a bit in her life so we are really hoping to be able to start teaching her again because she is AWESOME! She seriously has the face of a relief society president! It´s bound to happen!
Another service we did this week was help a member with her back porch garden. I had the job of racking the leaves. I thought it would be easy, but all she had to do it was a shovel and all of the leaves were plastered to the ground in dried dog poop. I don´t even know how to describe it... I used to like dogs, but in Chile there are just way too many and every one just lets there dog wander around where ever and they don't ever clean up after them! Some times I see a really gross looking dog and I think it´s a stray and then I see it enter someones house... 

Hey remember Andres? Yeah well he is totally avoiding us. I am convinced that he knows it is true but he just doesn't want to give up things in his life and he knows that is he keeps meeting with us he´ll have to change...

One of the members here had a bunch of church magazines and materials that they were getting rid so he offered all the stuff to us and the other ward members and I found an awesome Ensign from 1991 in English! It is so great, it honestly has some great messages. It amazes me how revelation from God never changes. It always applies to our lives no matter when it was given. The principles of the gospel never change, they are the same today as they were in 1991, and they are they same today as they were when Christ himself was on the earth. We are so lucky to have this truth in our lives!

Love you guys hope all is well!

Love, Hermana Merrisa Woodbury

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