Tuesday, January 7, 2014

death week

I won´t lie, this week has been interesting. We started off with the goal to serve the members in any way that we could, and we definitely got the opportunity.... just not in the way we expected. The morning of January 1, we had an appointment with the bishop to help him with his garden but when we arrived he was talking on the phone and when he hung up he said, "Well, we started the year off bad. An hermano passed away." So instead of gardening, we cleaned the church to get ready for the funeral. Thankfully it wasn´t much of a surprise because he was a really old guy and he had been in the hospital for a while. 

The members didn´t really get time to recover from that one because the next day we got the call that another member passed away. This time it was a little more extreme because she was only forty years old and she died suddenly in a car crash. We definitely ended up spending a lot of the week helping members and helping the bishop. From cleaning the church over and over to visiting members in need. I´m just kinda hoping that this week is a little more normal?? Please?

On a brighter note, we have a pretty cool investigator named Andres. We just barely taught him for the first time on Saturday, and he came to church on Sunday! That´s good when that happens. He really seems to have a lot of potential!

With all of the crazy drama in the ward this week and everything I have really learned how important the Plan of Salvation is in our lives. The sister in our ward who lost her daughter bore her testimony yesterday about how grateful she is for the covenants she has made because she knows without a doubt that she´ll be able to see her daughter again. That is really something that not everyone believes, and we are super blessed to know that there is a life after this one. I just love this Gospel so darn barn much!

Hope everything is going well and that you guys didn´t do anything TOO crazy for new years! Love you!

Cariños, Hermana Woodbury

p.s. pachucos means skinny jeans 

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