Monday, January 27, 2014


Well here comes a trio! That´s no joke! We had cambios today and my companion is leaving me in the dust and I´m going to have TWO companions! It actually makes me a little bit nervous to be in a trio... BUT luckily I know both of my new companions pretty well, one is actually Hermana Bollet from Peru, she lived with me for like four months in Chillancito! My other companion is Hermana Alverez and I´m pretty sure she´s from Honduras, she was in my old zone for a couple cambios. Looks like I´m still the only gringa in the house! Pretty crazy stuff!
So last Monday a family in our ward took us around Talcahuano a bit to see the sites!

Yeah, THAT IS TALCAHUANO!!! Isn´t it so beautiful! Actually when the earthquake hit in 2010, a tsunami came after it and destroyed a lot of the city of Talcahuano. The family we were with showed us some spots where everything was just wiped out, but a lot of rebuilding has already been done so that´s good news! (The Hermana doing the peace sign is my companion Hermana Canchan).

Talcahuano is pretty much fishing central. If you want to buy a fish, you can just ask this guy who is still in his boat with his fresh fish and he will cut off the fins for you! The family we were wish bought a couple...

And then fed it to us on Wednesday when we had lunch with them!

I don´t have much more time but things have been going great. I hope that everyone´s doing well! I´ll send a couple more pics. Love you guys!

Hermana Merrisa Woodbury

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