Monday, February 17, 2014

El Super Trio

AH!!!!! I can't even believe all the miracles that happened this week! But I{m just going to tell you the big one. Almost all of our investigators that we have been focusing on went to church yesterday!!!!!!!!! WOOO!!! I'm just going to tell you about all of them because they are all super incredible! Some of them might even be familiar to you guys!

Cristofer- He went to church again! I am still completely obsessed with their family. Really though. I just know that he is going to get baptised and they are going to get sealed in the temple one day.

Nicolas- We have been teaching him for a long time! The whole time I have been in this area but he was almost always on vacation, ESPECIALLY weekends. But he recently told us that he prayed and he knows that its true, so when he went to church we showed him the baptismal font and he is super excited! YEAH!!!

Marcelo- I possibly might have told you about him but I'm not sure. His family is inactive and he didn't believe in God. Now he feels like he has a relationship with Him and he and his family went to church! He has a little three year old daughter named Valentina that reminds me SO MUCH of Berkley! She is so cute! But she doesn't sing songs for me and she is a lot more shy.

Fabian- We found him Friday. His wife Viviana is inactive but she has a lot of family that attends our ward actively. Her sister actually told us about them but said she didn't know if they would actually be receptive but we just decided pass by anyway. Holy canoli were they receptive! When we asked Fabian how he thought he could prepare himself for baptism he said, " I want to go to church Sunday. We're going to go to church." WHAT???!!!  He invited himself to Church! And they both went! Her sister was SUPER happy to see them there and super surprised. Now we just have to get them married and help him quit smoking.... BUT WE CAN DO IT!!!!!! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH THE HELP OF OUR HEAVENLY FATHER!!!!

Julio- We found him SATURDAY! When we invited him to church he really didn't want to commit to it so we really didn't think he would go. But when we called him in the morning he said yes! Amazing. He has a cute little daughter named Agustina and she was running around all during sacrament meeting... Oops... But here in Chile that's actually quite common to have happen...

Brauleo- Remember the story I told about giving our landlords son a Book of Mormon? Yeah this is the guy. He is SUPER catholic and still doesn't accept baptism BUT now he is saying "it will take time" instead of "No I already got baptized" AND is reading in Alma 22 now. With time, it will
definitely happen. I just know it.

This is seriously an area of miracles. I was so stunned that everyone went to church  I didn't know haw to handle it! The church was nice and full, so we felt pretty good.

This week we really learned that when you are obedient and working diligently the Lord sees it and blesses you. There were a lot a times this week that we had to go home early or leave later because of Hermana Bollets migrain problems but when we were working we just really put our trust in the Lord to bless us.

Well... Thats all I really have to say this week! I just love this missionary thing SO MUCH!!!! Love you guys!

Love, Hermana Woodbury

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