Monday, February 10, 2014


Wow this week was seriously crazy! So many ups and downs! Okay so the first thing you should know is that one of my companions Hermana Bollet has really bad migraines. To the point that last cambio she couldn´t work for two weeks and almost went home. She has a lot of ups and downs with it and this week was kind of a down because she was out for a couple days. We were a little worried because last week we found all of the AMAZING people and we just needed all of them to go to church! We really had to learn to put our trust in the Lord and know that if we put in our effort to do all we can he will bless us. With the help of the Lord and the members both of the people we are teaching that accepted baptism went to church!!!!! WOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay I will tell you about them! The first is Cristofer. He is seriously AWESOME! His wife Valentina (and yes they are actually married and not just living together! WOW!) is a less active member that we have been visiting has been starting to go to church again recently and they have the CUTEST little one year old boy named Mateo! I am like seriously obsessed with their family! They are so great! Their whole marriage (okay they havn´t been married THAT long but still) they always say a prayer together every night before they go to bed! And now that we are visiting them they always read the pamphlets we give them together! Talk about prepared!!!! When I´m there I seriously feel like they are family because of the way we can joke around and stuff. I will admit, it was a little rough to get him to church though, we´ve been teaching him for at least a month, but now that he finally went I just know that he will keep going! He HAS to!!!! PRAY FOR THEIR FAMILY!!!!!

Okay the other one is named Eduardo. He was a pure miracle in church this Sunday! We actually found him last Sunday which is when he accepted baptism. He is like twenty something so for our next appointment we took a returned missionary with us that actually ended up knowing him really well and told him that he would pass by on Sunday. Well good thing because after that, Eduardo wasn´t at our next cita and didn´t answer our phone calls! So we passed by his house Saturday to see if he was there and his parents said he went out of town and he´d be back Monday or Tuesday. So we thought he was a goner, and that there was NO WAY he was going to church. So we were just sitting there during the sacrament and I take a look behind me, and all the way in the back of the congregation Eduardo is there sitting the that RM. I was seriously so stunned to see him. PURE MIRACLE I tell you. Pure miracle.

As for the trio it´s still going super great! Here are some great things that have happened: Hermana Bollet wears a hat that makes her seem like she could be a Jehova´s Witness and we are ALWAYS teasing her about it, so one day we were contacting a lady and the lady asks what church we´re from and Hermana Bollet goes "Jehova´s Witnesses!" NO: We were seriously mortified. Next: Hermana Alvarez was contacting an old man that was very catholic that said he did NOT want to change so her response was something like this, "Honestly, we don´t want you to change your religion, okay well, I mean we actually do but that´s why you just have to pray about it..." Oops. Well all just started to laugh. Including the old man! Next: Hermana Alvarez was writing our information ona pamphlet to give an investigator and she seriously wrote "Goodbury" ... My own companion can´t even spell my name right....

Well Out of time! Love you guys SO MUCH!!!!

Love, Hermana Goodbury

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