Monday, February 3, 2014

Not even a fly can get past us!

AH!!!! I just love my trio! I´m not even going to lie, I used to pray that I would never be put in a trio but now I have no idea why I ever did that! We talk with EVERYONE. With three of us it is impossible for people to get by with out one of us talking to them. Not even a fly can get past us! Or maybe said... not even a dog can get passed us!

It´s super awesome because we all knew each other pretty well from being in the same zone and having mini cambios together and we all love joking around! I think that it has helped us all a lot because we all feel like we can just be ourselves. We are always just walking down the street with all of us laughing and smiling and I think that has also help people be more receptive to us too! We are seriously seeing miracles by the minute because we all are just working hard and enjoying it!

One day we were walking down the street and we turned a corner to find a house, and and old lady ran after us yelling "WAIT WAIT!!" and I just thought, Oh great, a crazy lady... And she goes, "Are you guys Mormons?" "...Yeah..." "Do you have one of those little books for me to read?" (referring to the pamphlets we give) " I really love to read and I want to become closer to God." I seriously could not believe it! SHE contacted US!!! AND she wasn´t even crazy! Yeah, we are definitely going to pass by and teach her!

The past month has been a little rough with investigators because it has been summer vacation and everyone just leaves all of the sudden to go out of town when we have an appointment and ESPECIALLY on the weekends instead of going to church. But we just KNOW that everyone is going to go to church this next Sunday!

Random fact about my area: Since it´s fairly close to the sea, sometimes the wind brings in the smell of raw fish. It is super gross when that happens and one of my companions always looks like she is about to puke.

Our mission has really been working hard on finding and reactivating less active members and something I´ve found is that no body ever falls suddenly. It always starts with something small. It starts with not reading your scriptures. Not saying your prayers. Skipping just one Sunday. Those are the cheesy primary answers that we all grow up hearing but really it is SO important! If we skip once it makes it easier to do it again, and then all of the sudden we aren´t going to church at all and it´s easier to fall into greater sin. If we don´t fall in the little things, we won´t fall in the big ones. So do it! Don´t be too busy to read a verse from the Book of Mormon before you go to bed! PRO!! WOO HOO

I just love you guys so darn barn much! 

Love, Hermana Woody (That´s kinds weird..)

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