Monday, July 21, 2014


Well Here I am in Cauquenes! WOO! This place is awesome! We have seriously seen miracle after miracle. Me and my comp get along really well. She is from Colombia. I am again the only person who speaks English in the house! Woo! Party!

So there is a couple that we are working with named Debora and Marcelo and they are super awesome! They are supposed to be getting baptized this Saturday if all goes well. They are boyfriend/girlfriend, but DON¨T WORRY they don´t live in the same house! fewf. Apparently Debora was SUPER evangelica but now you really wouldn´t even be able to tell. They are super awesome. 

This wek we were determined to talk to everyone we saw, so we cantacted this one guy and set up an appointment with him or Saturday. A lot of the time when that happens the person isn´t home, or changes their mind about receiving us in their house, but this time he let us in. Him, his wife (Yes they´re married already!) and daughter. We taught them and invited them to church, and sure enough THEY CAME!!!! YEAH!! Guillermo and Vicky. They are so awesome and One of the members is friends with Guillermo and apparently always invites him to stuff. He was REAL happy to see Guillermo there. 

Hey! These are the hermanas that I live with!


We had a "Chirstmas in July" party with the zone and did a white elephant. 

Breakfast! Mmm! 

Love you!


Love, Hermana Woodbury

p.s. Looks like the mission created a blog! Here you go!


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