Monday, August 4, 2014

Cat in the house

Well! Good news! Debora and Marcelo got baptized! It was super awesome! Their faces were seriously just radiant that whole day, and even more so on Sunday after their confirmation! Debora even paid tithing for her first time on Sunday! They also are making plans to get married! WOO HOO!!!! :D
There wasn´t a pitcher to be found in the church.... But there were some vases! So I mean, the only reasonable thing to do was made juice in the vase!

Remember Guillermo and Vicky? Yeah so they can supposedly only get together with us on Saturdays because of work and stuff so we don't get to have a lot of contact with them. But they came to the baptism on Saturday and the LOVED it! You could tell that they were really feeling the spirit. Then on Sunday apparently Vicky was sick , but Guillermo STILL went to church will his daughter! WOO!!! Good guy.
So one time this week, we walked in to our house and my companion SCREAMED way loud. So I look inside, just in time to see a CAT run away from us. WHAT THE! How on earth did a cat get inside our house??! Anyways, turns out we left the back door open. Oops. I guess we better keep that closed because my companion almost gave me a heart attack with that one! 

Well, that´s all for today! Hope everything is wonderful! Love you!

Love, Hermana Woodbury

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