Monday, August 4, 2014


Well, I have officially decided that there is just no good way to prepare to leave the mission which is why I usually just pretend like I´m not and keep working. I´m not quite sure if my denial is good or bad but it is what it is. So.... This is what´s been happening!
This week has been RAINY. One night me and my companion were walking along the sidewalk under the pouring rain. We needed to cross the street, but that would pretty much mean crossing a river! So we kept walking. Only to find our path blocked up ahead by another river. We were seriously surrounded on all sides by A LOT of water. We desperately needed to cross and get to our appointment we were already late to. So, me being my intelligent self, saw a clump of sturdy looking dirt/mud that would help us cross with out submerging our feet into the cold water. i stepped on it and to my surprise I sunk into the mud past my ankles! I couldn´t help it i just burst out laughing. I´m pretty sure my companion was more in a panic about it than I was! I ended up with mud ALL OVER my boots, inside and out, and my socks that were once white are now brown.

During another rainy day we were walking along and a girl was walking past us so I said something like "Hey! can we introduce ourselves real quick?" and apparently there was a guy behind me and we hear him say (mockingly) "We´re petrolium robbers! We were wondering if you have some petrolium we can take from you!" HA! What in the world! That´s one I haven´t heard before. We got a good laugh out of it. Then a few hours later we were walking along and start to talk to a guy and he goes, "No! I don´t talk to assassins! You say you represent Jesus Christ, but I can see by the way you´re dressed that you´re assassins!" And then walked away. Same guy. I thought that long tan trench coats were in style these days but I guess maybe not...

So there is this member that is recently returning to church that lives way out in the middle of no mans land that we visited this week. We were pretty excited. We had it all set up so that a member with a car could take us, participate in the lesson and then take us back. The only problem is that the member canceled on us last minute. Well, we couldn´t bail out so we took a bus out to the campo. The only problem is that when we got done, we realized that we had no idea when another bus would pass to take us back to Cauquenes. So we started to walk. And walk. For an hour. When FINALLY we see a bus!!!! WOOO!!! So we waved our arms in the air.... and the bus flew right past us. Oh man, here we were in the middle of the highway. We had been walking for an hour and the only bus we saw went past us. Well, looks like we´ll just keep walking for a few more hours! A bus finally passed, but we got back real late and were late to our appointments and even had to skip out on one. AH!

Well, out of time! Hope all is well! Love you!

Love , Hermana Goody (one of the hermanas I live with calls me that)

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