Monday, April 22, 2013

Check it out....OH Dog

 My second day in Chile my companion said something to me about ¨running¨ and ¨tomorrow morning¨ sounded good! so I said, Si!  We ran the short distance it took to get to these. Top notch exercersing equipment right here! They have parks with these things everywhere and I never see anyone using them... :)

Hey there! Alright so I have WAY good news! We had an investigator come to church! It was a miracle! We really didn´t think that any of our investigator would show up, despite all our efforts. This lady´s name is Teresa and she is SO cute! She just has the most sincere questions about the church. We met her the Sunday before while she was doing yard work, and pretty much taught her the first lesson in her front yard. Then every time we went back she wasn´t there! Except once, when she told us she was busy.... So we tried to pass by again Saturday with no luck. We decided to write her a sticky note reminding her about church and stick it on her gate! IT WORKED!!! Today I am thankful for sticky notes! Keep her in your prayers!

Here we do a lot of work with inactive members because there are A LOT! We run into people every day who say they were already baptised in our church, that we didn´t even know were members. Some of them like to talk and are nice but others are kinda bitter towards the church for one reason or another, usually because of somethinganother member said to them. It is really hard to see so many people who have fallen away. One of my goals is to make sure that my investigators are sincerely converted to the gospel,and will really endure and stay active. Baptism isn´t the end! I just KNOW with all my heart that the church is true and it is just so important in my life and I hope I can help others realize that for themselves.

There are also tons of dogs here... They are seriously everywhere! I can never tell if a dog is a stray or if it´s someone´s pet because everyone just lets there dogs wander around and the people just LOVE them. One less active members we have visited a couple times has probably at least seven dogs. We were trying to talk to her and the dogs just kept barking and barking, and one of them kept jumping on me and my eyes were just hurting SO BAD because of my alergies! I´ve probably seen more dogs these past two weeks than I have in my whole life before this. Sometimes they follow us around for really long distances since we walk every where we go... Oh dogs :)

Yesterday my companion asked me what ¨ouch¨ means. Do I say that a lot or something?? That was a fun one to describe! I like to act things out sometimes when I help her with words. I have been teaching her how to have a conversation about her family in english.It´s pretty great. The other two misioneras that live with us speak english so I can speak english evey now and then, don´t you worry! I´ve gotten to the point where I actually understand my companion pretty well,and I can understand her spanish explanations of things usually! When it come to the Chileans... Man they speak fast. Not only that, but the  drop there S´s and ad the word ¨po¨ at the end of every sentence! I´m getting there though! 

When you greet people here they kiss you on the cheek :) Since we´re sister missionaries we are allowed to greet women this way :)  It´s pretty funny because anytime you go into someone´s house you have to great EVERYONE and when you leave you have to say good bye to EVERYONE. It´s considered rude if you don´t kiss everyone (or give them a handshake if they´re male) Sometimes our street contacts even give us a kiss on the cheek!

Everyone here is catholic. We go to someone´s door and tell them we´re missionaries and they say ¨¡soy catolico!" (I´m catholic) One time we were let in to someone´s house and at the end of the discussion we were inviting them to act and they said that they were catholic but we seem like nice girls. Cool. But they gave us grapes! That was nice! It seems like just about everyone here grows there own grapes. Members give them to us all the time too :) I like grapes.

Well that´s all for now peeps! Until next week! Love you all!

Loveth, Mis Ris

ps. ¨Chuta¨ means ¨shoot/dang/darn barn¨
pps. For anyone who is wondering about letters around here, simply write the mission home and they will foward it!

These are from the beach activity!
 The whole clan! (minus half because they were taking pictures)
 Me and my Comp enjoying p day!
 I am just so blessed that I was able to see my cousin! My first transfer and his last! What are the chances... :D

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