Monday, April 29, 2013

Taking the COLECTIVO

Alright, how about I tell you about what's going on in Chile? Yeah that's a great idea! We had two investigators at church, Neither of which was Teresa from last week... Chuta. But don't give up hope! We are still working with her! Everytime we meet someone who is willing to hear the gospel I am just amazed at how it happened. One of our Investigators is Liliana. We met her a couple weeks ago when we were knocking doors. We had "halo"ed at her house a couple times and were already a couple houses down (the houses are really close together) when she came out and asked us if we had called at her house! ( at least I think that's what she said... sometimes I'm just not quite sure) So we introduced ourselves and found out that she had had discussions with missionaries like twenty years ago and that SHE HAD A BOOK OF MORMON! WHA??! Talk about prepared!!! She's super great. She is currently committed to baptism, as well as the other investigator we had at  church, so we're just REALLY praying super hard for them!

I actually just have a really funny story about our other investigator. So we met her while we were walking home at might and set up an appointment for the next day (Saturday). During that lesson she said she would be baptized and come to church with us so we told her we'd be there around nine fifteen to walk with her. The next day (Sunday) we were there right on the dot! So she comes out and she's like "Oh I thought you were coming later! I'm not ready yet! I thought you were coming at nine fifteen!" ..... Uh what? It is nine fifteen... Turns out there was a time change that night! (you know like daylight savings?) So really it was EIGHT fifteen! Oops. That's awkward. Sometimes I wish we knew when stuff like that happened....

This week there was a conference for the new missionaries to I got to travel back to Concepci√≥n and see all the hermanas from my MTC district! (It's about four hours south of where I am) It was just super great! I learned a lot of great things to help me become a better more affective missionary. Now I just need to learn how to speak spanish! One step at a time.... No I actually am becoming a lot more comfortable with spanish. 

I always love it when people try to speak english to me. They find out I am from the U. S. and they automatically try to say something they know in english... I usually think they are still speaking spanish because they can't pronounce things well, and I can understand their spanish better than their english. My companion does this to me all the time. She'll be talking to me and she'll just slip an english word in there so that she can practice her english but it just really throws me off! Then I just laugh about it in my head.

I ate something pretty great this week! Usually when something seems kinda sketchy I just don't ask anyone what it is because I figure it's easier to eat if I just don't know, right? Well we we're eating this kinda strange, but kinda good dessert and one of the other hermanas asked the member what is was. This is what I understood... Uncooked egg whites, apples, sugar. Sometimes I wish I knew even less spanish. Oh well! That's why we bless the food! I figure I've had plenty of cookie dough in my day, so uncooked eggs in Chile shouldn't be a problem right?

So to get around We usually walk, but we have a pretty big area so if we are in a hurry we get a "colectivo" which is kind of like a taxi, but only kind of. So what happens is these "taxi's" all have a special route around the city kinda like a bus. So when you see one with the route number you need you hold out your hand with the number of people who are with you (which is of course always two) and if they have room in the car they will stop and if not they just drive past. So Everytime you get in a taxi there are other people in there! This is pretty good for contacting sometimes because they can't run away or shut the door! They have to listen! Usually the people in there aren't from our area though, so we have to give them to other missionaries.

Well, I think that will have to be all the stories for today my friends! So much to do, and so little time! Hope all goes well!

Con Amor, Merr.

ps "equis cero" means "tic tac toe"

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