Monday, April 15, 2013

What does that mean???

Well here I am in Chile! I am serving in Talca (which you apparently already know) I just don´t even really know what is going on around here! My compaion is SUPER great! Her name is Hermana Garcia and she is from El Salvador (Yes, this means that she doesn´t speak any english... Except for the words I have taught her). She is fascinated by the funniest things! Her favorite chilean food is hotdogs because they don´t have them in El Salvador and everytime she sees an airplane in the sky she says ´´Mire, mire!´´ (look, look!) They don´t see may of those in El Salvador either. She is super patient with me and my lack of knowing the language. It´s kinda funny because I will ask her what things mean (because she says a lot of words I don´t know) and then she explains it in spanish. Sometimes this works, but sometimes it really just doesn´t work at all- this is when we both just start laughing becuase we know it´s beyond hope. :)

Chile is super awesome, the members here are just SO LOVING. They seriously do everything they can to help us and they are very welcoming to investigators and new converts. We go to a members house every day for lunch because that is the big meal of the day in Chile. One of the members favorite things to feed the missionaries is spaghetti. Their spaghetti usually consists of noodles with unseasoned tomato sauce and unseasoned ground beef, pretty yummy!They always give you TONS of food and you have to eat it all or else you feel bad because they will think you don´t like it, 

We had a baptism on Saturday! It was actually my compaion´s first baptism (she´s been here three months).Her name is Albina and she is just the sweetest lady! I felt a little bad that Hermana Garcia´s old companion couldn´t be there with them... It was a super neat experiance though. It is really awesome to see how the church can change someone´s life. I am just SO glad I have this opportunity to share with others how great this gospel really is.

We do a lot of contacting here in Chile, especially going from door to door. When you go someone´s door you don´t knock, you yell, ¨Halo!¨ It´s actually really great! I think we should start doing that in Utah and see how people respond! We have a new investigator named Teresa. She has a lot of sincere questions about the church which is a really great sign so we´re REALLY praying for her! I really pray that I we can find people who are prepared for this gospel. I have so many blessings in my life because of it and I just want to share it with everyone SO BAD!

Hey! So today I got to go to Constitucion for a little duel (dual? Looks like I can´t speak english or spanish) zone activity at the beach! It was SO pretty! I liked it. Well that´s all I really have to say! Love you all! I love being a missionary! :D

Con Amor, Hermana Woodbury (Bood-boo-dee) or (Good-boo-dee)

ps ¨claro¨ means ¨of course¨
pps almost every word in this email is underlined in red on this computer..

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