Monday, June 17, 2013


I have BIG news! I´m being transferred! Tomorrow I go to Chillancito, which I hear is about fifteen minutes away from Concepción, which means that when when the mission boundaries change, I will still be in mission Concepción, NOT Rancagua. I feel kind of weird because I had kind of just accepted the fact that I would probably end up in Rancagua, but that didn´t happen! So now my first area won´t be in my mission anymore... But hey! The Lord knows where I need to be! I´m told my companion will be Hermana Gonzalez, from Argentina! Hermana Contreras (One of the Hermanas I live with) knows her because she´s from the same city in Argentina! Neat-o! ...That´s really all I know about her though. She´ll be great! I just know it! :D

This Sunday was a little ruff to get our investigators to church because of Fathers Day. Everyone had festivities and places they were going to celebrate, but we did have one of our investigators there! Her name is Mirella and well... I just don´t even know how to describe her, she probably one of the most interesting people I´ve ever met! We met her while she was trying to saved her sick cat... We helped hold the cat down while she stuck some sort of medicine up it´s bum. This was about a month ago and I had no idea what was going on because I couldn´t understand what she was saying! We found out recently that the cat didn´t end up living... But she´s super great! Our family didn´t end up going to church this Sunday but they´re still super interested! I´m super sad I won´t be able to work with them anymore! 

Me, Hermana Garcia, AND Hermana Rane are all being transferred closer to Concepcion, and there is only going to be one companionship in our ward. So Hermana Contreras is going to teach our investigators and her investigators. I have a lot of confidence in her, and I know she´ll be great. :)
 I just LOVE this work so much! I love seeing the difference that the gospel has in people´s lives. I am so blessed to have grown up in a family that has  the guidance of the gospel in our lives! I know that no matter what trials we go through we can really lean on the Savior and he will help us to overcome it! He really did suffer for us and with his help we can be strengthened in all that we do! Alma 26:12

Well away I go! Wish me luck in my new area! I hope everything is going well! Love ya!

Hermana Woodbury

PS. Mom, can you send me a Keva? I´m really craving one right now...

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