Monday, June 3, 2013


Our current clan! Hna Garcia from El Salvador, Hna Rane from Idaho, and Hna Contreras from Argentina :D
This has been quite the week! One of the hermanas that lives with us has been really sick and a lot of times can´t work. We have been working at times in a trio with Hermana Rane her companion last minute so that she can still visit her investigators. (don´t worry we always call a member to stay with Hermana Contreras) One time we couldn´t find anyone to stay with Hermana Contreras when they had an appointment so my companion stayed with Hermana Contreras and I went to work with Hermana Rane for a bit. She is from Idaho and our Spanish is about equal so we really had to depend on each other and help each other out. It was a great learning experience for me because even though we couldn´t say everything in the perfect way, we were able to teach with the spirit, and the investigators understood.

Yesterday Hermana Contreras wasn´t able to go to church. We wanted to make sure that someone from each companionship was at the church to represent so I stayed home with her and my companion went with Hermana Rane to church. Me and Hermana Garcia teach a Sunday School class every week for recent converts and investigators and we thought that seeing as her Spanish is slightly better than mine (you know being her native language and all) she should probably be the one to teach it. Therefore, I am apparently going inactive as a missionary... I guess I need to give myself the same pep talk I give everyone else? Don´t you worry though, I was still able to get the sacrament. We have some great members here that came so that we could have it :)

Might as well go swimming!

Some times it just rains SO MUCH! and they don´t have a very good sewer system here so there is just standing water sometimes on the road! We get splashed a lot by cars when they drive by and since I have a nice long trendy trench coat my companion usually has me walk in the splash zone. :) All is well though! Hope everything is going great there! I´m going to go jump in some puddles and teach some people the gospel! Love you guys!

Hermana Gooboody (that´s probably the most common way people pronounce my name)

ps. salta cuerda means jump rope

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