Monday, June 24, 2013

Tearful Goodbye

HI EVERYONE!!!!!!!!! I know I´m a little late emailing but I promise I have an excuse! We had a mission conference with the entire mission this morning! It was super great, and also super sad! We all said goodbye to our mission president and his wife and cried. Also, it was the last time I will see most of the missionaries I know because of the boundary change because my old zone is going to be in Rancagua!  and two of my MTC sisters are going to Rancagua too! AH!!! What a day. We also heard from the prophet yesterday! I don´t really know what you guys know about this but there was like a world wide mission conference thing that was super great! (the half of it that I understood since it was in spanish. okay I really can understand spanish well But I have to be paying attention really closely... and listening to talks for two straight hours in spanish... well you can imagine) It was about having every member as a missionary. Everything really does work a lot bettere when the members are willing to help out with the work. It made me WAY enthused to work with the members!

Hey things here are just super great! One of my MTC sisters lives in my same house!!! :D It´s SUPER great for us but sometimes I feel bad because we just have a bunch of inside jokes from the MTC that no one else understands... We have FIVE sisters living in a tiny little house. Probably about half the size of my old little house. It´s insane. The other sisters are in a trio. I LOVE my companion! She has kinda a dry sense of humor and will just give the funniest facial expressions when people aren´t looking. She is seriously super great. 

Chillancito is RIGHT next to Concepcion. It´s pretty much the hood of concepcion.  People are still pretty closed off here but a lot more open to listen than my last sector, and when it rains it RAINS! SIDEWAYS! Why even use an umbrella? I get a bunch of rain in my face anyways! I just love it though! it´s the best thing ever. We are teaching some pretty great people, but they pretty much all smoke and drink so it´ll be a little ruff, but with faith in the Lord WE CAN DO ALL THINGS! YEAH!

Okay here´s just a fun little story! We were at a members house for lunch and all of us were done eating, except for the Hermana who served dinner, she was still eating her cake and saying that it was WAY DRY and that she didn´t like it much because there wasn´t enough caramely. We´re all like "Oh we loved it! Can we share a scripture?" So my companion is sharing a scripture, and next thing we know the hermana is pouring her orange pop on the cake to make it less dry! And she ate it! It is really a good thing I wasn´t sharing the scripture because I was really having the hardest time not laughing. 

Well. That´s all for today folks! Tune in next week for more adventures!

Sincerelito (made that word up just now, It´s not really a word in spanish)

Hermanananana Woodbury

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