Monday, August 5, 2013

Reading the PMG

Hey there my dearest friends and family! How are you all doing over there (For some reason I cant do a question mark on this computer so just pretend I put one... Gotta love using a public internet!)  Well you don´t have to actually answer that, but hey, I´m doing pretty great! Honestly not anything too exciting has happened this week. We´re pretty much just working with Yanet and Sergio and trying to find other investigators. Don´t get me wrong, we have other investigators, they just don´t  keep their commitments which means we really need to find some others. This week was pretty interesting because we found a bunch of new people who we were able to teach, but for some reason they were all super crazy...

Did I ever tell you that we are all reading PMG together as a mission (question mark) Yeah well we are and it´s super great. We finished the BOM and about a week later we got the assignment to read PMG! Better that way, then I don´t have to choose what to study, I´m way too indecisive for that! It has honestly been a super great experience. My testimony has grown a ton because of it. This is seriously the gospel of Jesus Christ. Everything we do is centered in him. I am just so grateful for his love for us. He truly atoned for us. He took our pains so that we can be free.

Hope all is well! Love you all!

Hermana Woodbury

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