Monday, August 26, 2013

Six month mark!

We found a restaurant with normal American type food and we all LOVED it.... Funny how you take things for granted

Okay I´m really freaking out because I´ve almost been a missionary for six months and I still just feel like I´m brand new! Everyone tells you that it goes by way fast and it´s seriously so true! I really don´t like that it´s going by so fast because that means I´ll go home really fast and I just have so much to do here!

I can´t really think of anything really interesting to tell you guys honestly. It´s just the same thing all the time! It´s starting to get a lot warmer though and that´s super duper great because we can actually get people to stop and talk to us a little more. I feel like interesting things happen everyday, but I just can´t think of anything specific at this moment...

Well, that´s that. Remember to read your scriptures! Seriously. I have really found that the people who do the little things grow so much stronger in their testimony! I just love that so much. One of my favorite things to teach about is the Book of Mormon because it´s just so darn barn AWESOME and everybody needs to read it.

Well, sorry for sending such a lame email!

Love you guys!

Love, Hermana Woodbury

Ps. Mentira means lie

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