Monday, December 30, 2013

Stephanie got baptized!

Hey there! I bet you are all just sitting there in front of the computer right now waiting anxiously for my email to arrive, right? Yeah, that´s probably right.

Hey guess what! Stephanie got baptized! She is just so cute. She is sixteen and so incredible that she read all of the pamphlets we gave her like three times before her baptism interview and is already sharing what she learns about the gospel with her friends! WOO HOO!!!! It went really well! Her family who are non active members and non members even came to support her and you could tell she felt really good. Now we are starting to teach some of her family, so we´re really excited about that! We´ve been especially teaching her aunt Maria Ines who is twenty five. She is practically like Stephanie´s sister, the way they act together kinda reminds me of how me and Misty are sometimes. Sometimes I just start laughing at them. Just keep their family in your prayers, they are seriously incredible!

I really already love the ward here, they are so awesomely amazing! We have been looking for opportunities to help them and just have been serving them like crazy! Non of the missionaries in the ward have been here for more than a cambio so we have had to start from square one to gain their confidence, and let me tell you it has been working! A little bit of service goes a long way. This next week we are going to initiate the sticky note plan and I have no doubt there will be miracles.

Well, I feel like between Christmas and now everything has been said! It was great to see you and talk to you! You´ll be hearing from me again about this same time next week! Love you!

Loveth, Hermana Woodenburg

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