Monday, April 21, 2014

All dogs go to Chile

HAPPY EASTER!!!! I hope it was super great! Here it was actually super weird because no one really did anything to celebrate. I mean everyone know it was the "Semana Santa" as it´s called here, but I feel like its just because they had a longer weekend. Everyone just like disappeared from our area. Chileans love to go out to the "campo" (country) like every time they get the chance and some how everyone has family out there. It was mildly desolate this week!

Well we had cambios today! AND......... (drum roll please)........ We are both staying together in Los Copihues!!!! YEAH! I´m super excited because that means I get to kill Hermana Chavez! (mission speaking) I´m pretty happy about it because I´ve never killed anyone before.

Hey remember Cesar? Yeah he is still real awesome! He had to work Sunday though so he couldn´t go to church. That was a real bummer but he is still super awesome and same with his family! It´s just always a big adventure when we go over there!

So I have quite the story today! There is a recent convert in our area that has like four dogs and they are always everywhere! So one day we are just about to say a prayer to start a lesson when water starts streaming down from the ceiling right in front of us. We were all like "Is it raining? I thought it was sunny outside..." And then the convert FREAKS out and says something about her dog upstairs. Oh sick. That was not water. That was dog pee. We moved real quick! So she punishes her dog and casts him outside and we clean up the pee. Sick. Okay, ready. Let´s say the opening prayer. Then we hear someone outside "HALO" It´s the elders. That´s awkward. So they come in and we just teach a lesson together... Kinda weird but whatever. Well we get done and we are all saying goodbye, when dog pee comes falling down from the ceiling right above one of the elders! He has this look that says "that´s weird... is it raining outside?" And we´re like "Elder! That´s dog pee!" Gross. So disgusting. Poor guy. I guess the dog snuck back in. There are way too many dogs here in Chile. 

Anyways! Love you guys! Hope everything is wonderful!

Love Hermanana Woodbury

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