Monday, April 14, 2014

Riding the bus

So this morning we invited all the hermanas over in our group of missionaries and had breakfast! It was really great and fun! I just really like getting together with everyone, it´s a good time! Here´s a pic! Hope you like the Christmas table cloth! I figured since it´s starting to get cold here it must be close to Christmas!

This week was pretty awesome! Guess what happened! Cesar came to church!!!!! Yeah!!!! He was committed to go two weeks in a row and he would get up and get ready to go, and then chicken out! But this week he was like " I HAVE to go! Satan can´t win!" Yeah Cesar!!! Our mission leader, when we were describing where he lived was like, "Hey! I know him! he was friends with my daughter! I want to call him to invite him to church!" Sweet! Co Hermano Orellana! So we gave him Cesar´s number. I seriously am convinced that that is what got Cesar to church. Just knowing that he knew someone there! It was an incredible testimony meeting too, I was just so happy all day! He really loved it and felt really good there.

I also had a mini cambio this week with Hermana Phelps! YEAH!!! I just really love her. We do a lot of mini cambios! We have to have one with every companionship every cambio and there are five companion ships we are in charge of so we do one every week!

This is me and my companion Hermana Chavez on a bus :D

I just love this gospel! I love just helping people feel that God loves them and help them know that the plan of God really is a plan of happiness. WOO HOO!!!! GO MISSIONARY WORK!!! Love you guys!

Love, Hermana Woodbury

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