Monday, April 7, 2014


Yeah, don´t you worry! I´m alright! We didn´t feel anything at all! Actually, I was in a mini cambio, and our leaders called us to tell us about the earthquake and warn us that it might hit over here too, so we were like all prepared to go through an earthquake and it didn´t happen! Since I am a leader I had some sisters calling me and freaking out all scared about it and I had to just calm them down and stuff. All that for nothing! That´s okay though, I won´t complain.

Well how about that General Conference! Good stuff right! I just really loved it. I even got to watch it in English this time! Well all except for the women's conference that is. I LOVE watching it in English! I just love hearing their voices when they speak! I always just feel like they are speaking directly to me and it helps me know what I can do to become better.

We are seriously so so lucky to know that there is a living prophet to lead and guide us! We taught a LOT of people about prophets this week. We were like, " Hey if God wanted to speak to you would you want to hear it? Well he does want to speak to you! And he is going to do it through the prophet this weekend! COME!" Ya know something like that. Depending on the person. We just wanted EVERYONE to come. 

Mariela was the only investigator we had there, but she really loved it. We are a little concerned though because the member that she really good friends with was talking with us after conference and said something like, "You know what they need to change in this church? The prophets!" and right in front of Mariela! Yeah we are going to need to help that member gain a testimony... Because that´s just not okay. But the good news is that Mariela is still golden!

Love you guys! Be safe!

Love, Hermana Woodbury

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