Monday, April 28, 2014

Locked out

Hey all! Let me just tell you something I love about Chile. People always drive down the street selling fruit, vegetables and eggs. This is what happens, they drive slowly and yell really loud (sometimes in a megaphone) what food they have that day, and then people come out of their houses to buy it. My favorite one I have ever heard is here in Chillan. This guys has a REALLY loud megaphone and all he sells is eggs, so he goes, "lo huevo lo huevo lo huevo. Lo huevo lo huevo." And he just says it over and over REALLY FAST so you can hardly understand what he is saying. Any ways, I think I might do that for my future career. What do you think?

This week I did something really dumb. So I don´t know if I have ever told you this before, but the doors here in Chile only open from the inside, so if you close the door and you don´t have a key, you´re out of luck because the door is locked. Yeah, I locked us out. We were leaving the house and I was looking for the keys in my back pack, and felt like I should tell my companion not to close the door yet but then I was like "Nah, she´ll wait till I find the keys." Nope. Door shut. No keys. CHUTA! "Hermana Chavez.... I´m really sorry but... I don´t have the key...." "Dang, I felt like maybe I should ask, but I just figured you did...." Okay now, for most people that might not be a huge deal because they have a hidden key under the doormat or someone else who lives there and has a key. Nope not us. The nearest key was in Concepcion which is a couple hours away, and there is no way we were about to go to Concepcion and miss our appointments. I mean it wasn´t the end of the world or anything, we just ended up sleeping on the floor in some other sister missionaries near by and they brought us the key the next day... But it was very inconvenient and it totally could have been prevented if one of us had acted on our prompting. Lesson learned. LISTEN!!

Hey Cesar came to church again! Oh man he is such a great guy! We havn´t even been able to teach him word of wisdom or law of chastity yet but he already wants to get married and stop drinking so we know he can do it especially once he knows its a commandment! 

Anyways.... I am just going to go now. Love you guys!

Loveth, Hermana Woodbury

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