Monday, May 12, 2014


Crazy how time flies! It seems like I just talked to you guys! Oh wait.... That was yesterday. :) Well considering that not much has changed since then.... Maybe I will just send some pictures until I think of something to tell you guys...?

​This is what I like to call a "perzana" it´s actually called a "pera de agua" (water pear) but it is the weirdest pear in the world! It looks and tastes like a cross between an apple and a pear! It´s awesome! Anways, apple in spanish is "manzana" so I named this fruit "perzana" :D

Um... I was going to send more pics but they are on my companions camera and her memory card isn´t connecting to the computer so.. I guess that´s enough pictures!

So I am proud to say we finished building Martha´s house! Or at least eough so that the rain doesn´t get to her... She moved in this week! I love doing service. It´s so much fun. Whether its building a house or it is helping them know that God loves them. I love that by serving people we can show them the love of Christ :)

Hope everything is going great! Love you guys!

Loveth, Hermana Woodbury

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