Monday, May 26, 2014

In a trio for a few more days


This week was CRAZY! Remember when I didn´t have a companion? I remember that! Because I´m living it right now! It´s pretty complicated... I am working in a trio in a different area that is close to my area. So the only way I can work in my area is if I find a woman active member to be my companion to do visits. It´s real fun!

On Saturday I went out with this old lady that is just super rocking with missionary work and used to just go visit all the in active members so she just knows where all of them live! Anyways, we went to an investigators house and they weren´t there so she´s like "Hey! an inactive lives close by let´s go!" So we go and the neighbors come out and tell us that their son died (as in the son of the less active family) and that the viewing was in a house a couple blocks away. Yeah- we went by and found them. (don´t worry, in Chile people always go to viewings of people that they don´t really even know just to show support so it wasn´t weird to them that we went) It was actually really good because we were also able to tell the bishop so they were able to feel the support of the church. We´re going to pass by later. I feel like it is a very key moment for that family. 

Today we had our Liders counsel in Concepción which is a couple hours in bus from Chillan, and considering that I don´t have a companion, I was the only hermana going from Chillan. Chuta... So I had to go with the elders... Weird. This whole not having a companion thing is real interesting! 

This next week we are going to have a sister capacitation where ALL of the sisters in the whole mission are going to go and be uplifted. I am SUPER excited for it! As sisters we just learn a little different, I mean that´s why Releif Society exists right? Yeah same basic concept! 

Hey!! This is super random, but do you guys remember Hector from Chillancito??? Yeah well I just talked to a missionary who is working there and they told me he is preparing for the mission!!! YEAH!!! GO HECTOR!!!! Anyways that just made me way happy. It is just really cool to see people´s progress. I love this work so darn barn much!

 Love you guys!

Loveth Hermana Woodbury

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