Monday, May 5, 2014

House from Scrap wood

Hey! I mean it hasn´t been the most eventful week this week. Just kind of doing the same things I always do ya know? We taught Cesar about chastity and he really wants to marry his girlfriend (she lives in his house and is probably going to have a baby this week) so he talked with her about it after and she told him that she doesn´t want to marry him... He was really sad and didn´t go to church. But we talked to him on the phone and apparently it´s because he had to work and he says he wants to keep going to our church and stuff so we´ll see how it all goes..

So there is this a recent convert here named Martha that is getting kicked out of her house, so there is a guy that gave her a place to live, but it´s like half a house so we have been helping her get everything covered from the rain before she had to move there. It´s really sad. It´s like when you build a fort out of scrap wood, except she is actually going to live there. It´really sad the way some of the people live here. It makes me really grateful for all I have. It even makes me grateful for the mold box I lived in for six months in Chillancito!

Hope everything is going well! Love you guys!

Loveth, Hermana Woodbury

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