Friday, March 22, 2013

Half Way--- What?

Alisa Eyring and Merrisa (wardies)

Wowza! Am I really past my half way point in the MTC already??! This place is seriously a time warp. It goes by so fast but so slow at the same time. i feel like I've been here for SO LONG because I've learned so much, but at the same time it seems like hardly any time at all! (probably because it really hasn't been very long...)
Hey listen to this cool thing! We sang a new arrangement in the choir called "Like Ten Thousand Legions Marching" and it's SUPER AWESOME! anyways, KSL came and recorded us and they are going to do a little special about it in between conference sessions on Saturday! So if you feel like playing Where's Waldo you can look for me! I'm towards the middle back section of the sisters, and I'm wearing a blue shirt. Good luck! :)
We started TRC a week ago. This is where you teach other memers of the church. (They used to have people act like they were investigators, but they recently changed it). I REALLY like it! It's pretty much like visiting teaching because you just get to know them and give them a spiritual thought (in spanish of course). One lady we taught there was really hard for us to understand because she talked SUPER fast! We had to keep asking her to slow down for us, and sometimes when we spoke she would kindof chuckle to her self because our spanish really isn't that great... But she understood what we were saying! So that's good!
We've all been improving a lot this week. Our district decided to have a specific time every day where we ONLY speak spanish. We thought this would be better than having another english fast because this way we speak a lot of spanish EVERY day and we don't lose hope so easily by the end of the day! To make it fun, we made it into a little bit of a friendly competition! We each have a "charm" that we keep on our key chain, and if we catch someone speaking english they have to give us their charm! ("They're always after me lucky charms!"-Sorry just thought of the lucky charms commercials) At the end of the day we get points according to how many charms we have. It's pretty great. I don't really know what the reward is if you win though.... I guess just knowing spanish! (don't know if that explanation made sense or not....)
Funny Story: sometimes I get the question words mixed up, so we were teaching our investigator and I accidently asked him "where" his prayers are instead of "how" his prayers are... He's like, "Uh.... My prayers are... In my heart...?"
I am loving everything I learn here! It really is so great and I feel the spirit so strong. I have never felt the spirit guide me the way it does as a missionary. Another really cool thing I've noticed is that I understand the scriptures so much better as a missionary. They really are opened up to you when you are on a mission. I love it so much and I know that is is truely God's work. With out his guidance none of this would be possible. I just love it so much!
Well that's it for today! Love you all!
Hermana Woodbury
ps. "wakala" means "disgusting"

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