Friday, March 8, 2013

study, Study, STUDY

Hey all! Everything is going great for me here in el CCM (MTC). I think I can officially say that Hermana Hall is my favorite companion so far! She likes Harry Potter almost as much as I do, so she recognizes when I sneak quotes into conversation. :)
The language is hard but I'm getting it little by little! The word for earth is la tierra and the word for homework is la tarea... So one time when me and my companion were teaching a lesson we accidently said that Heavenly father made the homework and sent us to the homework to learn and to grow.... Oops. Someday we'll learn! An Elder in my district also made a pretty great mistake in his lesson a couple days ago, the word for sins is pecados and the word for fishes is pescados. Pretty similar right? Anyways, he told his "investigator" that through the atonment we can be freed of our fishes. As of right now, most of my spanish vocabulary is Gospel related :)
So to tell you a little bit about what happens at el CCM, we do A LOT of studying. We have personal study, language study, aditional study, companionship study, classes (where we learn and study)... Lots of studying. But it's good because I learn a lot! I have some pretty great teachers that help us with our teaching and language. One of our teachers started out as pur "investigater" and we taught him for about a week before he actually became our teacher. We still teach him as an investigator a lot an I'm pretty sure we are going to start teaching our other teachers soon as well. It's really helpful beacuse that way they know what we need to work on! I also get to go to choir twice a week, and we sing in the devotionals. I LOVE it! The way he leads kind of reminds me of Larry!
This week i have really learned how important it is to teach with the spirit. ESPECIALLY since I don't know the language all that well. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Even when I can't put my thoughts into exactly the right words, I know that if I teach by the Holy Ghost, they will get the message.

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