Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'm in the MTC!

Photo: Dad really didn't want Merrisa to leave!

March 2, 2013
Holy Canoli, raviolli, bertolli, guacamole olli! (insert any other words that may rhyme) I'm in the MTC!   Here is a fun fact about the MTC- when you get here they make you put a bright colored dot on your name tag that indicates you just got here.  Everywhere i went that day, everyone would say, "Welcome to the MTC!" or "iBienvenidos Hermania!"  Eventually I just started welcoming other missionaries with bright colored dots...
In other news, everything is going great! I don't have P-day til next Friday so I can't email yet, but since today is kind of a half P-day for us newbies we have permission to write our family a letter.
Mi companera se llama Hermana Hall.  We get along pretty well.  There are six hermanas in our room.  We are all in the same district AND we are all goin to Concepion!  (This is some what of a rarity)  It's nice to know that they will be with me pretty much my whole mission.
Yesterday (Friday) me and my companion  taught our first lesson!  Don't you worry, it was definitely in SPANISH!  I was FREAKING out because I was so nervous!  It actually didn't end up being that bad though.  (considering it as out first lesson)
Today we are teaching our second lesson to the same "investigator" (also in Spanish).  Me and Hermana Hall REALLY want to let the spirit guide the lesson, so we have a goal to not take any of our study material or translation books.  We feel like that way we can speak from the heart more andlet the spirit teach.  We are studying the material really hard and just trusting that the Lord will provide a way for us to teach this lesson in Spanish!  Wish me luck!
Also, my P.O. Box got changed.  If anyone sent anything to the old one I will still get it, but from now on use this one.
Gracias!  Love you guys!
Sincerely (with sincerity)
Hermana Woodbury

P.S. Bueno Suerte means good luck!

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