Friday, March 15, 2013


Merrisa's companion. Hermana Hall
WHOA! I AM SO OLD!!!!!! I don't even have the word "teen" in my age anymore! Im so mature now... My birthday is conveniently on p-day, so I got to go to the temple this morning! What a great present!
This week my district has really come together and we are getting to the point where we work and learn together really well. I love my district. There's really no one who clashes with the rest of us (unless it's me... ;) so we've all become pretty good friends! (especially the sisters:) Good thing because we are litterally together ALL THE TIME! On monday we had an english fast (meaning we couldn't speak english) to help us feel more comfortable with spanish. It was supposed to last all day... But we lost our ability to think at about four o'clock so it didn't last all day. I was really helpful though because we realized that we know how to say more than we thought we did! We also came to the conclusion that we really don't know very much spanish. We pretty much said that same things over and over (for example, "podemos empezar con un orazion?" meaning "can we start with a prayer?"- we've definitely got the fundamentals) We were all pretty quiet that day.
Last night a bat flew onto my floor in the residence hall. :) How? I really don't know. What I do know is that it caused quite the rucus, as girls were running around screaming in fear! When the security guy finally caught it everyone started clapping and cheering for him, "Yeah matinence man! You saved us!"
Well I've learned a lot this week! It's hard to see my progression because to me it feels gradual but when I was talking to the district in our zone that arrived a week after us I realized that i have really come a long way the past week! I really love the chance I have here to grow closer to my Savior everyday, and I love learning ways to help otheres do the same. :) Don't get me wrong I have some hard times her in el CCM but overall it is just an awesome place! I love the spirit I feel here, I love my teachers, my zone (did I tell you that some one I worked with at the Rec Center is in my zone? Crazy right?!), my distrist, and my companion! La iglesia es verdadera! I LOVE IT!
Well that's it for today!
Love your favorite missionary,
Hermana Merrbury
P.S. "cosa" means "thing" (this always comes in handy when I don't know what something is called!)
P.P.S. Last night I heard a sister humming a song form the clock at Bear Lake. Oh how I will miss that singing clock....

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