Monday, May 6, 2013

Am I blonde???

I have an announcement to make!!! I am officially blonde! Don't you worry, I didn't actually do anything to my hair, people just keep telling me I have beautiful blonde hair... Sometimes I tell them it's brown... But usually I just say thank you. :) I just have some bad news. We didn't have any investigators at church this Sunday. Let me tell you what has been happening with the investigators I told you about...

Teresa- Everytime we go by her house, if she's there she just says she's busy and she doesn't really want to talk with us about our church, but if she has time she might stop by the church in the future.... hmm

Marlene- Her dad found out about our disscussions and told her a bunch of false rumors about the church like polygomy, and that we worship Joseph Smith, and we don't believe in God... Stuff like that. And she believed it eventhough we had already taught her about that stuff... So she won't ever talk to us. 

Liliana- Don't worry she is still great! She has a strong desire to learn more and loves everything we teach! She also seems to be keeping committments pretty well! She has a complicated situation though because her husband is bed ridden and she can't leave him alone for that long and has a hard time finding someone to stay with him Sunday morning. That's really hard because it's hard to progress if  you don't go to church, but she really wants to go to church, she just can't...
So this week we had a Mission Conference with the president here in Talca, which included the missionaries in the northern half of the mission! It was super great! We were all challenged to read the Book of Mormon together in two months! Isn't that super great?! Hey if you want to, you can do it too! Just read about four chapters a day! (Not a joke) It's really awesome to read it at this pace because you can just see everything that's going on and you just understand it so good! If I can do it in spanish, you can do it in english! :D

I think I might have eaten moldy cheese this week? I'm not quite sure but I think it was a little moldy... But I havn't gotten sick so don't even worry about it!

Something kinda fun that happens a lot-  We offer to say prayers with people a lot so that they will let us into their house and we can teach them. There are a couple different faiths that whisper things during prayers. I can never tell what they're saying though, some times I hear a soft halleluiah I'm pretty sure. I always just try and talk REALLY LOUD when this happens :) 

Well I hope all is well!

Hermanita Booboody

ps. cierto means right (as in correct)... unless it's in the scriptures, then it means verily!

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