Monday, May 27, 2013

Cute little stores

Halo! I say that so much here :) It sometimes gets confusing because we yell halo at people's doors and say halo when we answer the phone, but when we greet people on the street we say hola.... They are very similar and I have definitely switched them a couple times.

Well, all is well in the land of Chile! The month of June is President Humphrey's last month here with us and we have a goal to baptise 150 people that month. (in the whole mission... Not just me and my companion ;)) We have been working hard on finding buenas personas to help this goal happen! President Humphrey asked all the missionaries to ask our families and friends to fast with us on Sunday that we will be able to meet this goal. So this is me inviting YOU to fast with us to help us achieve this goal!

Here in Chile, a lot of times when people answer the door they just say, "¡Digame!" (talk to me!) It's just so great. No need to waste time, right? Since they talk so fast I always just think that everyone is in a big hurry but then I realize that's just the way they talk! I´m getting WAY good at understanding them now though... After I ask them about five questions about what they just said :) Ha but I really do usually understand people pretty well unless they talk about something really out there like bungee jumping- how am I supposed to know the word for that?¿? 

They have cute little stores everywhere with things like fruit, candy, freshly made bread, and other food and provisions. You never know what they're going to have in the store... These stores are usually part of the people's house and they have one in almost every neighborhood. Its just super great and cute and I just love it! 

Well that's all for today! Love you guys! I hope your dreams come true for the week! Let me know if they do! Let me know if they don't!

Con Amor,

Hermana Merrbury

ps. concuerdo means I agree!

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