Monday, July 1, 2013

Sing with all Your Might and Soul!

People of America! Happy July 4!!!!! Almost.... For some reason they aren´t going to have fireworks here for the Forth, I really don´t see why they don´t celebrate it. ;) 

We´re teaching some pretty great people these days. One is Evelia. She´s just a super cute old lady, who just LOVES everything we teach her and loves going to church. We introduced her to a member who lives close to her who is about the same age, so it´s just super great! The only obstacle we have with her is her son. If he is at her house we can´t visit her because he drinks and gets really angry so we usually teach her at her best friends house (where we found her the first time, but her friend is VERY evangelica (Evangelica= different sects of religions that go to their church on the corner. You never actually know what their beliefs are, but they all whisper during prayers.) and always has to put in her word about her beliefs so we like it better when she isn´t in the lesson with us.) or at the members house.But Evelia is just super excited to get baptised and is reading the BoM and praying and everything! Yeah.

The five missionaries sang in church yesterday. It was interesting... The bishop wanted up to sing the song "My Soul Hungered" in Spanish. It´s really a beautiful song, but the translation to Spanish just didn´t fit all that well with the melody. And who knows if they could even understand because I´m sure our accents were just terrible! Everyone said it was good but that´s what people always say at church..... A lot of times though people think that we have the most amazing voices just because we can sing on tune. Not many people can do that here, but they just sing out with all their might and soul whether they can sing on tune or not! It´s so great! I just love it!

Well that´s really all I have to say right now.... I haven´t met our new mission president, and I forgot his name.... Hopefully that will change soon :)

Loveth, Hermana Woodbury

PS. I´ll send pics next time! I almost promise!

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