Monday, July 8, 2013


Time to write my weekly email again! Hey guess what! Tomorrow is my three month anniversary for when I arrived in Chile!!!! (I´m think that sentence makes sense.. Right? It took me a while to write it because I was confused about how to say it. Geez I seriously can´t speak English or Spanish!) I really can´t believe how fast time has been going I still feel like I just got here like a week ago. 

Remember Evelia? Yeah she got up and bore her testimony in church yesterday! Yeah she´s seriously awesome. The only problem is that our bishop said we have to talk with her son because he doesn´t know anything that´s going on and he doesn´t want that to become a big problem because as of right now it´s a bit of a problem... Keep her in your prayers please!

This week we got to meet President Arrington! He seems pretty awesome. I felt kinda bad for his wife because she doesn´t really know Spanish, so she couldn´t really talk to the Latin missionaries. It actually kinda reminded me of when I first arrived...

Remember how it rains a lot here? Yeah, well because of the moisture, the door to our house swelled up because it is made of wood, so every time we want to get in we have to like body slam it! It is seriously hilarious. One night we couldn´t get in for like half an hour and I was really worried we would have to sleep outside in the rain! Oh the mission!

Some times when we contact we just have really great responses from people, my favorite this week was this man who opened his door and we´re like, "Hi! We´re missionaries!" (or something... I don´t actually remember... It was probably way different from that) and gave him a pass along card or something, and he says, " I don´t want to be Mormon." Well, there you have it! We´ll just leave now! 

Hermana Woodbury

p.s. permiso means excuse me..... But they use it here for just about everything they do. If you´re about to say a prayer, you say permiso first. If you are going into some one´s house, permiso. Like seriously they say it for everything and I really am starting to love to say it. Sometimes I even say it when I cross the street just for fun.

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