Monday, July 29, 2013


First of thank you so much mom and dad for the examples you have been to me all my life. Because of you I have been able to see what blessings a family can have by being able to be sealed in the temple. Remember that awesome couple we are teaching? Well, I was able to share my testimony with them this week about how I have seen the blessings of having an eternal family and they decided that they want to have that in their life. I am just so blessed to be teaching them! They are seriously incredible. All of the ward members ask us about them and want to invite them to their FHE so that they can get to know them. They always want to know more about the gospel, and they told us how they just feel so much more joy in their lives ever since getting to know the gospel. I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! The only downfall is that they probably won´t be able to get married til September, so I am way scared I won´t be here for it. I just want to stay in Chillancito for the rest of my mission! I love it here!

Remember Maria? :) Yeah she came to church again. She really likes it, she just doesn´t understand anything! Also, her daughter is an inactive, and SHE came to church too! :D Technically, Maria has enough church attendance to get baptised, she just is lacking everything else... We teach her, but she is just still very evangelic...

I will have to thank my parents again now for always making sure I went to seminary.... Because now, I teach it. In Spanish. Apparently, the teacher hadn´t shown up to teach for about three weeks, but the youth always went, so the bishop asked us to teach it. Well, can´t say no! This week was our first week teaching and it was pretty great!

Hope all is going wonderfully!

Loveth, Hermana Woodbury

PS. panaderia means bakery

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