Monday, July 15, 2013

My first BAPTISM!!!

Photo: Farewell to President Humphrey

What a week! Evelia got baptised! I really was pretty crazy, since it wasn´t announced in church, we were told by the ward that she couldn´t get baptised this week, because they like to have everything organized... Well what kind of excuse is that when someone´s salvation is at play? Yeah right! She was SUPER ready for baptism. So, we talked to the bishop about it and he said he would rather have it more organized (of course) but he would let the decision up to us. We were seriously freaking out because no matter what decision we would make would have a huge effect, and you know how I am with decision making.... Not the best. But luckily, we don´t have to make decisions by ourselves! We prayed and just really got the feeling that she needed to get baptised this week, and when the spirit says something to both you and your companion, you know it´s right. So we pretty much organized the baptism ourselves, and called everyone to invite them individually. It ended up being a really great experience. She is the first person I have found and taught all the way to baptism. It is so cool to see how much the gospel can help people in their lives.

I don´t know how much I´ve told you about Evelia´s friend Maria, but sometimes we teach Evelia at Maria´s house. Maria is hard core EVANGELICA. Like to the max. She whispers WAY loud when we pray, but she´s very supportive of Evelia´s decision to get baptised. the first time Evelia came to church, Maria came with her so that she would have a buddy, and then she went to the baptism And came to church for the confirmation, and stayed for the second class! It was quite a treat to have her at the church! I was sitting by her, and every time we were about to have a prayer I would say something like, " They are going to pray, so it´s really important to listen to what they say" in hopes that she wouldn´t talk during the prayer, but nevertheless she gave her praises to the Lord every time! The opening prayer, Evelia´s confirmation, the sacrament prayers, and the closing prayer. I was honestly just trying not to laugh. Some of the ward members definitely commented to us about it later on, but they´re used to it because there are a ton of evangelicos in Chillancito. 

So last P-Day we got a surprise visit from the Mission President! It was crazy, me and Hermana Gonzalez had no idea he was coming, and when we enter our house we have to hit the door way hard to get it open, so as is tradition, we just hit it with all our might, and to our surprise, Pres was inside talking to the other hermanas! WHA??!! He had this shocked look on his face, and it took me a minute to realize that it can be a little frightening when someone breaks down the door if you aren´t expecting it. Oops. He ALSO came to have a family home evening with us and the other sisters of Chillancito. He seems like a really humble guy, just really down to earth, which is super great. And of course poor Hermana Arrington just never has any idea of what´s going on. We really have been privileged to be able get to know them a little bit.

Well, I did take some pictures at the baptism, but it looks like I forgot my camera again! The APs sent us some pics of our mission conference with the Humphrys though so I will send those! :D

Love, Hermana Merrisa

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