Monday, July 22, 2013

I dreamed in Spanish!

I HAVE THE BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!!!! I DREAMED IN SPANISH!!!! I actually can never remember my dreams, but Hermana Bollet (from Peru) told me I was talking in my sleep the other night, so I asked her if she could understand what I was saying and she said, "Yeah, you were spealking spanish." WOOOO HOOOO!!!!! That doesn´t mean that I always know what´s going on though...

We have the BEST investigators right now! How about I just tell you guys about them! Their names are Yanett and Sergio! They are a super awesome couple, and they have three kids! Two of them are grown up and out of the house but the other is just 15 and still lives with them. They aren´t married though. That´s the only thing... They used to be married and them they got divorced a couple years ago, and now they are fixing things up in their relationship and living together again. But they are so awesome! The other hermanas had a baptism this week, and they went to it and just had a great experience, and said that they are excited for their baptism! They seriously already just fit in with the ward already, they stayed at church ALL THREE HOURS and it was their first time attending! All of the members just already love them. We have really had some powerful spiritual experiences teaching them, and I just love it so much. I think I am just going to be a missionary forever. Yeah, that would be great.

Hey remember Maria? Yep she is as crazy as ever! She is just a very confused lady and has some strange ideas. We were trying to figure out what we could do to help her understand things, so we prepared a lesson to help understand why prophets are important, and we found the big problem. She thinks WE are prophets. She was like, "you guys are prophets because you teach the word of the Lord, and I´m a prophet because I can feel the influence of God in my life." We tried to teach her the difference between having personal revelation and being a prophet, but it just didn´t go very well... She really just still thinks I´m a prophet. The good news is that she talks a lot quieter when we pray these days!

This week we had interviews with the Mission Pres. It was cool because we got to go to his house for them! THEN today we got invited by his wife to come over and cook with her and then we ate lunch with them! It was way great. I just really liked it.

Well that´s all for now! Love you!

Sincerely, Hermana Woodita

ps. iman means magnet

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