Monday, December 16, 2013

I´m going to Talcahuano

Well, I finally got out of that green mold box and now I´m being transferred! I´m going to Talcahuano which is still pretty close to Concepcion. I forgot my companion´s name, but I do know that she is Latina and that she´s been in the mission as long as my daughter so I will be finishing up her training! It´s going to be really weird not to be in Chillancito anymore... I´m actually a little bummed I won´t be here for Christmas. Oh well, I know I will love the people in Talcahuano too!

Hey remember Hector? Yeah me too. Well on Tuesday we met with him after he had gone home for a couple days and apparently his family is VERY Catholic. He told his parents he wanted to get baptized and they told him they would have preferred it if he told them he was gay over that he was meeting with the Mormons, and prohibited him from meeting with us again. Chuta. So we asked him what he thought about it, and he said that after he talked to his parents, he decided to pray about it and ask if he should keep meeting with us, and then he read eight chapters of the Book of Mormon and it gave him a really peaceful feeling despite what was going on with his parents. So he decided that he was going to keep meeting with us! He´s got some nerve! Then later this week we met up with him, and when he saw us, the first thing he said was "I got my answer!" With a big smile on his face. He had been reading a pamphlet we gave him that has baptism in it, and once he was done he went to wash his face, and his catholic necklace with a cross on it fell off of his neck. He thought it had broken, but the latch on it was completely intact, and the only way it could have fallen is if someone unlatched it! He took that as a sign that he shouldn´t be Catholic anymore and he needs to get baptized. Incredible right? Who is this guy? Why do I have to get transferred right now??

Merry Christmas from Chillancito!

Loveth, Hermana Woodbury

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