Monday, December 2, 2013

I'm moving!!!!

Alright, I have big news! The Hermanas of Chillancito are going to move to a different house! This might not be very significant to you, but trust me it is a big deal. I have been living for the past six months in one of the worst houses in the mission, I will proceed to tell you why..
  • It´s TINY. I seriously don´t know how I have survived for so long enclosed in such a tight squeeze with four or more people living there. I always feel like the walls are closing in and it is impossible to plan without being interrupted in some way by the other hermanas, considering that we are sitting two feet away.
  • Bugs. Considering that our doors have a half inch gap above the floor and there are cracks in the ceilings, windows, and doors, it is quite easy for little critters to find their way inside. We sometimes wake up with weird looking spider bites, and kill an average of three spiders daily.
  • Slugs. The cracks in the windows and doors also permit huge nasty slugs to come in. Since they are nocturnal, we usually only see them at night or early in the morning. Sometimes we find them on our food when we wake up, and since Hermana Phelps hung her rain poncho on the door, it is now covered in nasty slug slime. We even have a frozen one on the back of the fridge that no one is brave enough to clean out...
  • Plants. They grow like crazy one the out side AND inside of our house. Since we don´t have any thing to cut the grass, the out side of our house looks like a jungle. No to mention the little plants that keep growing up from the bass boards. It is impossible to grab THOSE up by the root, so no matter how many times you pull the out, they grow back in a couple days.
  • The shower. Our gas system doesn´t work very well in order to turn on the hot water, so in order to have a hot shower you have to... turn the hot water knob on and off four times in the kitchen and knock on the wall, then the person in the bathroom turns on the hot water knob to shower and knocks on the wall, then the person in the kitchen turns off the kitchen water. I mean it´s simple enough, but sometimes I just miss turning the knob in the shower and having it work.....
  • Mold. It´s such an old house, and Chile is so humid that there is mold every where. We had a cleaning party and scrubbed the mold off the walls and ceilings, but there and still lots of stains and it grows back quick. Not to mention the mold that sometimes grows inside of our suitcases and all the stuff inside....
  • The walls. They are a hideous fluorescent green color with crimson red doors and floors. I might as well be living in a Christmas tree. Too bad we will be moving right before Christmas...
Inline image 1

I mean things could always be worse, and I have definitely enjoyed all the adventures of our house, but maybe moving will be a nice change... And now that we are almost out of there I thought it would be fun to let you know where I live!

We really learned why it´s so important to work with the bishop this week. We dropped in to his office Tuesday to see if he needed help with anything and he told us of a less active member that he wanted us to visit. We dropped by the less active members house with a member the next day, and during our lesson she started to cry and say that our visit was exactly what she needed and she knew she had to return. We´ve been having a lot of great spiritual experiences like that with less active members lately and I know that it is the will of God that we find them and help them have the desire to return.

We found another less active member that wanted a blessing for her sick grandma that lives with her. So we called a bunch of members to come give her a blessing and seriously NONE of the men that lived near by and had a car could. So then we remembered of a couple RMs and called them up. When they came, she was seriously glowing. It just so happened that the were the exact two guys that had befriended her when she became a member. It was so meant to be I couldn´t even believe it! Just one of those simple miracles that God shows you when you are diligently dong all you can to help someone. 

We have actually been doing a lot of work with less actives lately, and have found some incredible people. It is amazing when someone realizes that they´ve left behind the biggest blessing they have ever had in their life and start coming back to church. I just love it!

Well, hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving weekend! Time to whip out the Christmas stuff! Love you guys!


Loveth Hermana Goodbury
p.s. pitanza means doorbell ditch

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