Monday, December 30, 2013

It's almost Christmas

Hey guess what! It´s almost Christmas! I actually kinda forget that alot because it´s really just way too hot to be Christmas time. Every time I sing a Christmas song I think "why am I singing a Christmas song in the middle of summer?" It honestly has me a little weirded out. BUT HEY I GET TO SKYPE YOU GUYS!!!! :D

Alright I sure you are all DYING to know about my new companion and area, so I will just tell you about it! My companion is......... drum roll, please....... Hermana Canchan, from...... another drum roll, please....... Guatemala! I am also living with two other Latinas, so goodbye English for me! AND one of the other Hermanas just happens to be Hermana Garcia (yes, this is the same Hermana Garcia that trained me)! Sometimes I just like to make up words and see if they understand what I´m saying.

Sometimes when I am walking around this area I almost feel like I´m in the United States. I almost expect people to start talking to me in English. Most of the houses have TWO STORIES here, and I havn´t even seen one shack. Maybe I´m used to being in the ghetto, but I almost forgot that places like that exist. People even sing on tune at church!

We have an awesome investigator named Stephanie who is getting baptized this Friday! She is super cute! She is sixteen and her dad is inactive, she actually had no idea he was a member until after she started taking lessons with the missionaries!

We had a Christmas Conference this week which was pretty great. I was part of the "special choir" that sang for it and I sang the alto part in a trio as well. It was fun to be able to sing in a choir again.

Anyways, I just want to let you know that I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and that plums a yellow here. Love you guys!

Con amor, Hermana Merrissy

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