Monday, December 9, 2013


I am happy to announce that the move was a success! We are now living in an apartment building. Instead of annoying fluorescent green, we have a nice soothing lavender color on our walls! No mold, no spiders, no slugs, and enough space so that I won´t go insane! I am now living in luxury!

Okay I just really want to tell you guys abut this super awesome investigator we found this week! His name is Hector! The first time we went to his house was a little awkward, but he committed to prepare for baptism and read the pamphlet about the restoration and pray about it. Yeah, well just so you guys know, almost everyone commits to do all that stuff... They just don´t. So we go back the next day and he had read the whole thing AND highlighted things that caught his attention AND had questions! WHA???? What world are we in? I was so shocked I didn´t even know how to respond! I´m pretty sure my eyes were bulging out of my head and my mouth was hanging open, maybe with a little bit of drool dripping out of my mouth or something. So then he pretty much taught US the restoration. Now he has been reading the Book of Mormon and he highlights all the scriptures he likes and marks the pages with sticky note tabs! AND after his first time at church yesterday he stayed after for ward choir practice! Who even does that?? AND he was asking us about missions the other day! Future missionary! Sorry, I feel like that was just about the most confusing thing I´ve ever written, but I am just so baffled. WOO HOO!

Well this week we finally put together a Thanksgiving ward party! Only a week late but every one loved it! No one knows what Thanksgiving is here so they liked to experience something from a different culture.  We basically played games, shared a message and ate pie! It was great. Don´t worry, Hector went to that too.

Well, That probably just about sums up the week! I´m happy to hear that is snowed! Now you guys can go skiing and do cool tricks off the jumps! Don´t be too crazy! Love you guys!

Loveth, Hermana Woodbury

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