Monday, March 17, 2014

Birthday CAKE!

Hey you guys! I seriously can not even believe that I am already 21 and that I have been in the mission for over a year. It goes by WAY TOO FAST!!!!! I just don't really like how fast it goes. Well. Life has been pretty darn crazy this last week! On Monday night I went to say goodbye to a few people and one of the hermanas in our ward was waiting for me at her house with a birthday cake! I felt so so loved! She was way sad that I was leaving right before my birthday so she made sure I celebrated with her before! I never even told anyone my birthday in the ward but apparently they can look up our info when we're in their ward! I had no idea she even knew!
So anyways as I was on my way to my knew area with my companion Hermana Chavez (side note: she is from California but her parents are both from Mexico so she grew up speaking both languages) I asked her where on earth we were going to live considering there are just elders in our area and all of the areas close by. and I found out that we were going to live in the Pulsipher's house!!!!! You have no idea who they are or why that is so exciting, but it's a big deal!!! Elder Pulsipher is the first counselor to the Mission President and he and his wife are living here in Chillan live pretty much in the middle of the city. They live in a super nice apartment and it is seriously like living in the United States! It is just so homey! and the Pulsiphers are just so great and so fun! Everyone who knows that we are living here are very much jealous and I seriously have no idea how I won the lottery.... I have officially lived in the worst of the worst and now the best of the best. YEAH! But unfortunately the Pulsiphers are ending their mission in like a week. But I think they might let us stay here until the new couple comes in like a couple months. We really aren't sure but we aren't going to so anything to find a different place until they MAKE us!
It's been pretty crazy opening this area. We had to start completely from scratch. Zero names to put in our planner. but we have been getting to know the members and they are amazing and super enthused about missionary work and even give us referrals! WOO HOO!!! It's been pretty rough hard work but I'm super excited about this area and my companion is super great! YEAH!
Oh and our district totally fasted on my birthday and then we went to a relief society activity and they offered us cake and I couldn't eat it... Darn barn! Oh well!
Love you guys!
Hermana Woodbury

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