Monday, March 10, 2014

My new area is called Copihue

goodbye Hermana Gonzales


I´m seriously freaking out. I know that´s pretty normal for me but this time I have a reason. CAMBIOS!!!!! President Arrington called me last night and extended the call to be Líder de Capacitación de Hermanas. I have no idea what that is in english because that calling didn´t exist before my mission... But basically I will be over a group of hermanas to help them out with stuff and do mini cambios.... Honestly I have no idea what all of the responsibilities are but my companion is super great! Her name is Hermana Chavez and she has been a leader for a while so she´ll teach me the ways! It´s going to be really crazy because we are also opening a new area. WOO! Now you know why I´m freaking out. I´m going into the great unknown. My new area is called Copihue, which is close to Chillan. I will no longer be here close to Concepcion! AH!! BUT Hermana Phelps will be in my zone!!!!! WOO HOO!!! :D

I just want you to know that I had a traumatic experiance this week. We had a mission conference where a general authority came. His name is Elder Zeballos of the Seventy. That´s not the traumatic part. Just let me tell you what happened. So the President (of the Mission not the country) was calling for some volunteers to go up and do a teaching demonstration in front of everyone (there were like four zones there so about seventy missionaries) and he says, "can we have some Hermanas?" (looking at me) There were only about ten sisters in the conference and he was looking directly at me. I didn´t move. Then he repeated "An Hermana Please" (still looking at me.) Chuta. So I got up and took the long excrutiating walk to the front. I was seriously shaking so bad and did the most terrible teaching ever in my whole life. In front of everyone. Including a general authority. I´m still traumatized. 

This week in church we were sitting in releif society and a kid come in and goes up to his mom and says, "Mom, I just really need something fun!" She chuckles and the kid goes, "No seriously!" Oh my heck. I almost died trying not to laugh.

One we were at a house and I saw that it had a doorbell by the door. So I rang it... and realized it was the power switch. Oops. Hope no one was watching their favorite tv show...

Well! That´s about it! I´m doing pretty great, a little nervous but loving the mission! Hope everything is going well! Love you guys!

Con Amor, Hermana Woodbury

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